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Discussion in 'REME' started by thesoontobe, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. quick question looking for a sensible answer, which i most likely wont get

    currently in phase 2 at bordon as an armourer, and i hate it.

    when i went to the careers office i originaklky wanted infrantry but was advised that with my quals i would be best suited to a trade, so i went with it, really not enjoying it though.

    my first thought was to try get an airbourne unit, but even that might not satisy it.

    are their any armourers, particulary airbourne that can shed some light on life as one day to day

    or, whats my chance of being able to transfer to para reg ?
  2. If you want to be an infanteer, then transfer. As REME you will get the chance to get out on the ground, but it's never guaranteed, and you're Armr job will obviously be a priority.

    I loved my time as an Armr, but that's me. If you're not enjoying it then change to something that you'll enjoy.
  3. i am tryinbg to enjoy and do sort fof like what we get to do here, just a nagging thing thinking id rather be somewhere else.. ideally looking for some advice from an airbourne REME as thats what i hope i get the chance to do.. whats its like being at 7 bat or being atached to para
  4. They do the same as any other unit.....
  5. [ ] Spelling like a REME soldier

    [x] Spelling like an infantry man
  6. Transfer out of REME. Bleddy traitor, deserter feck off, REME is better off without you.
  7. Why on earth would you want to transfer out of REME? Play the long game - Bordon (or wherever you are training) is NOT the real Army. Don't be too keen to get near the sound of gunfire - when the fighting starts, there's more than enough for everyone. Most infantrymen (including a number of Paras) that I met who had transferred into REME regarded it as the best move that they ever made. With your REME trade, you will be marketable when you return to civvy street - how many infanteers can say that?
  8. Just stick at it at Boredom and when you get your postings request one with 16Bde and try for 8CS or one of the many units. As an idea seek out the Tiffies who have just come from Colchester (I know a few who were my full screws)as I know many of them set up SF PT at SEME whilst there. By doing that you will get noticed and hopefully fair better in getting your first posting to the Brigade. Lots of my young Crafties who came to me in Colchester were able to go onto do there beat up and P Coy within the first year to 18 months because of the SF PT they did whilst at SEME and through the Airbourne REME contacts as a lot of the tiffies will be going back to Brigade once completed. also a lot of the Pot P Coy craftmen went out on trawls to the PARAS as infantry on Herrick so the best of both worlds.
  9. Finally a decent reply, appreciated, that was iriginally my first idea i wanted to do. I'm one of these moppets that's gets a hard on when i see a maroon beret so desperate to do p coy I addend sf pt when I can, have you any idea what the chances of a crafty armourer of getting 7 air assault or 8 coy is. You don't have to be a lance jack to go p coy then ? I am going to try stick it out and enjoin it, and do what ever I can to better my chances of getting an airborne unit
  10. If there's not a post available when you complete your course don't sweat it, look at the postings available and pick a unit in a Brigade within the formation readiness cycle that suits your needs, up front on Ops and personal by the sounds of it with an Inf Bn. I haven't met a junior Armr in the last 2 years that has not completed the range of UOR weapon systems and cannot tell a decent story of FOB action. They're small in number, high in demand and I have a lot of respect for them all, and if you're wondering I'm vehicles.
  11. Pick some bint up in bordon and bang her silly. Get yerself volunteered for an Airborne unit but make sure you are committed before you go. Pass the course, get the first op tour under yer belt and the birds will be falling over themselves to suck yer dick. You will have the respect of everyone in the Army but probably not the love and you will never be short of a shag. What could be better than that so don't throw your future away just because you don't like boring bordon. I don't know many who liked it the first time round.