Transfering from reme? But wats best ? :/

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Crafty123, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Im thinking about transfering from the reme but im not quiet sure to what ?the reason y i want to transfere is because i dont get to do anything or get to go anywhere im just bored and i joined the army to get to do/see things and places. I was thinking about infrantry bevause they do alot of exercises get to travel more etc. However im not quiet sure if thats a good idea to go from reme to infrantry :/ any suggestions?
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  3. How is this a wah?

    Possibly it is a bone wind-up, but I can't see it as a 'wah'

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  4. Feck off splitting hairs, the term 'chod bite' reached me long before 'wah' and I don't give the nuggets stuck to my arse hair if you care about the difference between them all.
  5. Chod bite. Now you're talking. Often wondered what a "wah" was but if it's the same as a chod bite then all is explained.
    And to the OP, **** off, chodder!
  6. So, definitely chods and whas, then. Now the multiple personalities are talking to each other, or with each other, or with themselves, or .....well, it is ******* late (an hour ahead here in Spain).
  7. WTF, go to bed; its 4.30AM here btw.
  8. Im a recovery mechanic ive got all my licenses and thats preety much as much as i will get and i thought about infrantry because u get to travel more, see more, etc.
  9. How long have you been in for? CFN or Lance Jack?
  10. Just over 3 years still a cfn
  11. You attached to an inf/Cav Bn?
  12. Im not no, i know a few lads in the infrantry and they say they like it and they always seem to be traveling about and always seem to be busy doin something, exercise, courses etc. And i think i will enjoy infrantry more. I just dont know if i should go for it or not