Transfering from RAF Regt to Army

You have to leave, rejoin, if you manage to pass selection for the cadets and get in about five years of summer camps and gobing off on army forums you might get a shot at a fish and chip mob TA infantry unit


jamotheMFC said:
Has any one out there transferred from the RAF Regt to the Army. how do you go about it?

Only after your engagement ends. If you Join up at the end of Your engagement then your pension rights and often your sucstansive rank are transferred with you. One of my Airmen from the squadron mortar section who was desperate to see some action did transfer. He kept his rank but was greatly P**sed off when he was posted to Germany and a lot of us went out to the far east to Sarawak to keep the Indonesians out (Confrontasi).
jamotheMFC said:
hey sandy boots...I'm ex Army mate (infantry). Just want to go back thats need for your immature comment was there you spanner.

There are 'wanabee' tossers on this site, and very little can be done about the fact.

My only advice, wanted or otherwise, is never, ever, not EVER knock a previous 'cap-badge' (or star).

If you want a change of scene, go about it with the word 'loyalty' in the front of your mind.

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