Transfering from RA to REME


I'm finishing up in Germany this year and I'm thinking of moving to the REME - Aviation Tech.

I spoke to my old man who is a aircraft mech and he explained the EASA licence categories but couldn't find the anything on them on any REME pages. What EASA licences do you get after the 66 week course in Lyneham now a days (Cat A, B1 or B2)?
As far as I'm aware, you're not awarded any of the licences, but most guys opt to apply and sit them outside of work iot find work in civ div.
Really? Who signs off the work thats done on the aircraft? Is it an expensive route to do the tests outside of work?
Because it’s miltary aircraft it follows different rules to civvie Street so no need for licences. The paper work is signed for by a class 1 then oversigned by the staffy/tiffy.
From what I’ve heard with aircraft tech (blacky trade) is from April next year the course will go in line or as close to the licences so it will make it easier to attain them. So in your spare time further down the line you can get them. Cost wise I’ve heard it can be around £9k roughly to attain a licence.
There is a possibility from getting licences from the military and that’s from being posted to Hereford from sgt rank and above as they use civilian aircraft which require licences.
This info I have picked up from staffys and civvie instructors who taught licence stuff before teaching air tech course.
I hope this kinda helps
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