Transfering from RA to RAMC

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by leukybear, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. hey i'm newly promoted and want to transfer from my current job in royal artillery to Ramc. would i keep my rank of Lcpl? how long would it take to transfer? any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  2. You are a Lcpl in the Artillery?
  3. Lance bombardier. Said lcpl cuz same thing really.
  4. It was worth a punt though!
  5. T'was many moons ago so may not be relevant, but I'll say it anyway :) RCT LCpl at unit I was at saw the light and transferred to RAMC, he lost his rank but got it back again as soon as he passed class 3 trade training.
  6. Historically Transfer Ins did well in the AMS because they had a "bigger picture" view of the world than the average organically grown scablifter.
  7. Check AGAIs.

    Like Grey_Mafia I've been out too long but from what I remember the system for most transfers was Corporals and below usually kept rank on rebadging, Sergeants had to drop to Corporal.
  8. okay thanks for all your responses
  9. Good luck in whatever your chosen trade :)
  10. Since when?? When I was in the RA a Lance Bombardier out ranked a Lance Corpral anyday........... Or so we thought :)
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  11. Transfering from RA to RAMC.
  12. well i want to study pharmacy later on in life and i would really enjoy having experience in that field before i embark on that course of study. So i would like to transfer to RAMC to be a pharmacy technician. In RA, i'm ACS trade, it's alright but wouldn't help me much in that field of study i'm planning on pursuing.
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  13. Yeah Right a Lance Bombadier drops well short of a Lance Jack almost every time (see wot I did there)