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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sharontheODP, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    I am posting this on behalf of my husband he is in the Navy on Submarines he is a stores accountant. He is thinking about transfering from the Navy to either the RAF or Army, but before he starts looking into it more he was wondering if it was possible as he is 35 in Feb.

    Thank You
  2. he should stay put, the Navy need all the poofters they can get!
  3. Well thank you for that positive helpful reply, I must congratulate you on your modern, forward thinking, open minded, attitude.
  4. Don't worry about titsinatophat, he's been labeled an oxygen thief for very obvious reasons.

    Obviously your husband should choose the Army rather than the RAF, and at 35 I am sure he will still be able to squeeze in somewhere, how's his fitness?
  5. If he's a 'career serviceman' then the RAF offers longevity to the possible age of 55yrs. With a family, the consideration of stability is more achievable in the RAF than the Army. Best of luck to you both.
  6. In his trade and at his age, the RAF seems the banker. Obviously it is also a blue uniform and will therefore still go with his eyes...
  7. Get him to find out about The Internal Transfer Fair in Aldershot , I believe, on the 24th Jan. There's some other threads recently about it and could offer him some good advice. Remember the army is moving into Veng for extended service to 24 years and possibiliy of longer but with our hubbys age I dont know if e would get it. Check the Transfer fair out as all services will offer him good information.
  8. Thank you for all your advice, its a shame he cant get to the fair as he goes to sea on Friday. After the patrol he is going to make some more enquires thanks for the help, as he thought it was too old.

  9. If this is the same lady that posts on RR as ProudNavyWife, hubbies had a long and distinquished Naval Career, from memory he hasn't either finished training yet or been to sea. As for the claim to be a Submariner I do believe that there is a requirement for sea time to even start qualifying
  10. Pleeeeeasse Janner! Do remember that in the Modern RN anyone surviving Part 2 training has had a long and (well perhaps not distinguished :biggrin: ) naval career! ;) :lol:
  11. Oh right so thats why he has his dolphins then! If you care to know its becuase in September I am going to go to University to train as a ODP but chances for ODPs in the RN are very limited, I will be honest joining the RN would be my 1st option as my hubs is in it and I think I would enjoy that life more. But my dream for the armed services means that I was considering the Army and RAF once I had done my training. He was wondering IF I wanted could he transfere to either if I joined them, as it wouldnt be great for family life me in the Army and him in the Navy.

    I reality I think he will stay in the RN as he loves it and I would feel bad about him leaving for me. I think I am gonna have to consider the TA.

    But we wanted to know just encase

    Thanks for the advice anyway guys, its good to know its possible encase its something we want to explore later on.
  12. Why not the RNR?
  13. I guess I just thought there would be even less chances for ODPs in the RNR then the RN. I want to experience some action! Gonna see how it goes, if I feel by Aug/Sept my fitness is good enough I am going to go to AFCO about joining as something else, if not carry on with ODP and fitness training.

    I have along way to go, going to gym/pool 5 times a week at the moment but quiet alot of weight to lose.

    Thanks Sharon,