Transfering from laptop to desktop possible using a router?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by carlbcfc, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. My mrs has a laptop with loads of stuff i wanna transfer to my pc, about 40gb. Laptop is wireless, desktop is wired. Both off the same netgear router. Is there a way to transfer from lappy to desktop easily?
  2. By a little 8Gb memory stick.....they're now as cheap as tight fcuker ;)
  3. I after instant satisfaction, that would require either getting off my arrse and going out or waiting for delivery. I was thinking via some sort of network using my router??
  4. If both the laptop and the pc are in the same workgruop then just share or map a drive
  5. Go into the folder containing the data you want to share and right click on it. You will find an option to create a shared folder i.e. it'll be "browsable" from other PCs on your network. Then go through the map network drive wizard from one PC and and then browse to your other PC. Bingo.
  6. right clicked the folder..shared it..but cant view from the pc still
  7. Firefox has a system that will do it for nowt, and sync both units bookmarks ect
  8. I had great fun with this... not! There is something funny about both Vista and XP. You have to create a Guest account on them first.

    Then create a shared folder using Windows Explorer on your C drive. Call it "Shared Folder"; once created, right click on it and select "Share". Do NOT share the whole drive or My Documents!

    Then, via Network, look to see if both computers share the same network name. And establish that both computers can see each other.

    You might have to reboot both computers.

    Alternatively, if your router has network connectors at the back, connect both computers to those. They should see each other immediately.

    Hours of endless fun...

  9. If, heaven forbid, you are using XP Home you will need to enable the Guest account (right-click My Computer-Manage-User Accounts and right click Guest and select 'Enable) other wise you cannot brows the computer remotely.
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. you also goto make sure that network on BOTH MACHINES are named to same too!

    Default name for XP is : WORKGROUP
  12. In addition to the other suggestion made earlier, ensure that the firewall is not blocking "networked applications" on both machines.