Transfering for a second time.

Hi there,

I am curently serving with the RMP after transfering 3 years ago from SCOTS DG. The Job is ok but not what im wanting to do anymore. i would like to join 11 Regt RLC.

Is a 2nd transfer possible? i have gave 3 years service to the RMP after picking up my warrent card.

Need to Know asap before i go and say to the boss.:policecap:

Thanks Davie
Was there not something a little while ago about training as EOD operators but remaining cap badged to the parent regt/corps?
I will look, but sure someone with fast DII fingers will beat me to it. Just looked and iti is RE EOD operator!
Where are you currently serving? There is an Internal Transfer/Career Fair going on in Herford, Germany next month. I am sure that they will be the perfect people to ask.
It is every soldiers right to request a transfer, no matter how many times you wish to apply. Bear in mind our current climate of SDSR around the corner. If you are looking at EOD operator, a current Pinch Point Trade then you will be considered (if you have enough residual service etc), but will need to offer considerable qualities for consideration. Like the last post if serving in Germany the ITCF is in Herford in October, you cannot just turn up and need the pre register PM me for the dates and how to register. There is no loss of face for looking. Speak with your RCMO and get registered for it (if in Germany) or wait for the next UK one and see what each Corp/Arm is offering.
Unless you are a SNCO forget asking for the All Arms Defence EOD Op course.

If you want to become an Ammo Tech, that's a different matter.
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