Transfering during phase 2

I'm currently in my phase two for the nursing corps, but I really don't think nursing is for me, in fact I KNOW it's not. Training is 3 years, followed by a four year payback, so essentially I'll be doing a trade that I'm finding miserable for 7 years.
Does anyone know if I'll be able to transfer to something else? I want to get a bit of background info before I approach my training staff.

The general policy is that anyone can transfer to any trade within their own regt/corps or to a new regt/corps if they so desire. However your CoC will deffiently try and talk you out of it and stop you transferring, they may even use some sort of threats/bulling behaviour to change your decision.

Your main problem is your training. How far through the 3 year course are you? If you are near the end then you may have a big problem with the return of service as this affects your normal rights but if you are still near the beginning there should not be too much of a drama.

SEE Queens Regulations Chapter 9 Part 4
Ive transfered twice during phase two. If you need any more advice then that written in queens regs (to get access to those see your clerk) feel free to PM me.

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