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Transfering Corps whilst training.

Hi all I'm currently at Catterick in my phase 1 side of training in the CIC. The Infantry is not what I want to do, and the only way I found that out was by coming here and starting the course. I'm on week 9 and I'm thinking of transfering to RAMC as a CMT. Does anybody have any idea how long I'd be looking at waiting and where I would have to start on the CMT course.

Cheers in advance for any decent replies.


I transferred from the RA to Inf, but that was at Pirbright so it made it easier. I knew lads who transferred in Phase 2, but not sure how long it took.

If you finish phase 1 or the first (14?) weeks of the CIC as it is now then you should go to the start of you CMT Phase 2 training, but your best bet is to speak to your DS.
you could always do the RCMT course in the inf mate

whilst i was at catterick we had a few lads transfer to the RLC, RAC around week 10

end of the day you've gotta convince the training staff and your pl cmd why u dont like the inf
i transfered corps from rlc to reme, but i had to wait phase two but when i was in phase 1, someone transfered from catteric to rlc after he completed 14 weeks up catteric, he came to pirbright in are week 14 and passed out but it doesnt always work out as you hope as he is leavin the army as he wished he stayed infantry and not trasfered.........
ally you started around the same time as me aye? I think I remember you posting lol. I joined around Febuary. How did it work out for you?

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