Transfering Capbadge during phase 1.

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hello, ill first introduce myself,firstly iv tried the search function, im kevin, a 32 year old bloke, joining the army as a logistic supply specialist in the RLC. I joined the TA in 2006 in the RMP gained corporal, i left in 2010. Due to having a new job that i got and couldnt commit my full training requirements so hung up the towel, i know a lot of peoples views on the TA, bad soldiers, unfit old guys drinking club, id like to add i like to see myself as an exception to that, always putting my full efforts into every task given, including deploying, 2 herrick 1 telic.
I started applying for the regs in 2010, but due to shocking admin from my old unit, hindered my application until january this year when i went to ADSC lichfield and passed with a grade A, im still physically fit, robust and a sharp thinker,.
When i had my 203 interview, i was basically push into the RLC supply thing, i wanted QRL. But was told my only way into the army was the RLC due to my age. So i thought id go with it, see what happened. I start ATR Pirbright in june. Is there anyone in the know if i could swap/transfer cap badge to frankly and no disrespect, to another badge with more prestige? Or would i be seen just as a nobber. Has this been done before, i turn 33 in october so time was ticking for my career. I hope to hear from someone who knows. Thank you.
In fact become an ammo tech. Still in the RLC but probably the most respected trade in the army!
Tango Lima i have looked at this, i would most definately do this, if i could change trades even, i should have put that into the original post.
And as for bracing, im sat here with a daft grimace waiting for a bunch of RLC guys n gal throwing incoming.
Ammo Tech is a pinch point trade, substantially undermanned its always looking for quality individuals.

It's comprehensive selection process.

The basic AT course is 8 months total.

On the plus side:

You get to blow shit up.

You get to stop shit from blowing up.

You get promoted on completion of the basic course.

Quick promotion (sgt in 5 years).

It'll suit you being older than most.

Probably the most interesting job in the Army.
Tbh thats my train of thought, yeah id love to have a bash at the comando course, but id have to see after trade training etc, im not really after the reputation, im not one of these attention seekers, its just as soon as you say RLc its ooooh, ok. even less thought of as thr fecking RMP, and thats saying something. And the scots, no chance lol, my mate was in there mid 90s, half glasgow half cockney, he said even he was classed and treated as a halfbreed, me as a englishman,!!!!
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