transfering boots?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bobjahoho, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. i start training at ATR bassinbourne on january the 13th, and i've already got a pair of boots (which are the standard issue, i think) that are broken in. will the army let me use my boots or will i have to go through all the joy breaking in another pair of boots?
  2. do you have a foot fetish? You seem a little obsessed with boots!!! Did your granny suck your toes at bathtime or something?
  3. socks soon...
  4. I would not reccommend any kit that isnt issued as it may make you a target for the platoon staff whilst in basic.
  5. Good drills,it will deffo save you the ballache of breaking in a new set.O and before I forget... if you have a SA80A2 at home and it's zeroed to you take that too.It will save a lot of time on the ranges.
  6. ta for that, you might have just saved me some pain
  7. I turned up with my own combats and danner boots I also had my own 'jungly' hat with the brim cut down. I looked ally as f**k and the DS were well impressed with my skills and drills. Didn't take me long in basic and I was posted straight to '49' after week 2 so yes it will pay to take your own boots.

    You'll probably get asked by the DS 'what you think your playing at?' DO NOT WORRY this is just a test and if they do ask you just wink at the cpls/sgts etc and tap the side of your nose and reply that you 'need your own ivors for super fast extraction should the balloon go up'.

    just in case they ask 'Ivor' is squaddy speak for boots (ivor - engine -train -toot toot - boot).
  8. why all the boot questions today?!?
  9. Ignore the wahs young 'un.

    Yeah take ‘em mate but keep it "on the down low".

    Wear the new issued boots for the 1st few days then start alternating, 1 day your boots / 1 day new boots.

    Just make sure your boots are the current ish (BCA)


    and not BCH!
  10. Dunno what that 2nd ivor is but it is not 'ivor combat high'

    Tiddles has given you some slightly incorrect information there what he meant to mention was the need to alternate the old ivors between old ivor left foot new ivor right foot one day and then t'other way round the next day an so on and so on.

    I also found that by wearing only one fresh sock per day it saved loads of time when it comes to doing your dhobi etc (clean sock on left foot monday then transfer to right foot tuesday) dirty socks can be rolled up and placed in your mess tins in your webbing or left behind lockers to amuse the DS.

    The possibilities for undercrackers are endless and only limited by your imagination
  11. Good drills, so whats "49" like?
  12. Top pair seem to be a cheap variant of the current issue boot. Toecap is soft as butter and no locklace system.
  13. Never really hung around to find out (if you know what I mean). Was too busy in the 'sandpit'. Of course back in the day we used to refer to it as the 'garden'. My Ivors weren't much cop out there due to the heat but a quick half hour with my trusty K-Bar and a JCB tyre managed to knock out some 'all terrain' flip flops (VC Stylee).

    Incidentally we used doctored 5.56 that we codenamed 'yanks'. They could drop a person well within the 25 metre kill zone that we allowed ourselves. When the job was done it was back to the FOB for a debrief or bollocking and back out with a 315 pound 58 Pattern Large Pack 2 Jcans of water each and a 3 month OP to occupy the mind.