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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by googlemap, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for some advice and thought someone on here would know. I am currently a nurse in the RN, who is specialist trained but is looking for something else. On examining my options I am looking at how feasable it is to jump ship (bad pun) and join either the army or the RAF.

    At the moment I am a LH and would be looking at transfering as A CPL rather than commissioning in. My questions are;

    1) Is this possible and if so how straight forward is it
    2) Would I lose any pay
    3) Would I have to go through basic training

    All this is in the early stages and I am just looking for some general advice and any info would be great.

    Many thanks for your time
  2. Hi mate,

    Im pretty sure that you would have to get out on the RN then reapply to join, as for the different service that you chose you would need a new service number. Also, you would have to do that Forces basic training as each service sets different standards for different things, such as with the army a lot more time is spent on field craft, soldiering and shooting compared to RN basic which (correct me if im wrong) would be more focussed around naval activites. Best place to chat to for info would be your local AFCO...

    Hope im of any help, and as usual I stand ready to be gunned down and put back into place by the more seasoned larks on here....
  3. Are you able to approach your DO (or chief) for an informal chat? I remember, in the dim past, finding a page on the mod website regarding this, but can't seem to track it down now, a friendly senior rate should be able to steer you right though.
  4. Why not phone the QA recruiting group for an informal chat with them? The AFCO may well be a waste of time. In my experience, they know the square root of fcuk all about the QARANC and would just phone up the QA recruiting group ergo passing on 2nd hand information or tell you to go through your CoC. You should make sure your CoC is in the loop aswell. I'm sure they would rather see you serve the crown in a different uniform over being a civvy.
  5. I knew a guy who a long time ago was a coporal in the RAF where his promotion prospects were quite limited. He transferred to the REME and joined a unit at Windsor where he straight away became a sargeant. He ended up as a WO2 and eventually retired. I don't know how he did it but I do know he did it.
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  6. Thanks for the replies I think i'll give the QA's recruiting team a call...
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You would not have to change numbers. Since the introduction of JPA numbers follow you wherever you go.

    I can't tell you what the details are in the Andrew but this is from the Army's MS website. I've included the bit about internal transfers because its mentioned in the bit about transfers between services:

    Internal Transfer Procedure

    The Army is keen to provide soldiers with improved opportunities to gain wider service and experience and has simplified the transfer process to take no more than 4-5 months from initiation of application to approval. Actual transfer, i.e. change of capbadge, normally requires successful completion of an attachment or appropriate course of instruction, and the date of transfer depends on the availability of course places. For this reason, it is important to remember that small specialist trades may only run one or two courses each year and therefore the timing of an application can be important. Check with the Directory of Vacant Soldier Posts and the MCM Div of the capbadge you are interested in through your RCMO or OC. Soldiers who wish to transfer must first identify their choice of capbadge and trade and then apply through their chain of command using Army Form B241 - Request to Transfer, available in unit orderly rooms. Once initiated the form must be forwarded to the APC, it may not be delayed or refused in the unit for any reason, however the actual transfer may be delayed in exceptional circumstances such as when the unit has been formally warned for an Operational Tour when the CO may request the APC to delay the transfer until after completion of the Tour.

    Transfers Out to Other Services

    Soldiers also have the right to apply to transfer to one of the other services. Although classified as a transfer soldiers are actually discharged from the Army before joining the other service, although this is not recorded as a break in service for pay purposes.

    Applications are submitted in the same way as described above for transfers between Corps. Soldiers are not required to be interviewed at Part 4 of the form, as the Colour Service Section will liaise direct with the other service concerned after the application has been submitted...