Transfering as an officer from TA to Regular

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Woof, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone seen or heard of this happening?

    I have heard a rumour that you can get 'taken' on by the regulars during an Op Tour or after an S Type engagement.

    Do you have to go to Sandhurst for the full 44 weeks or can you be taken straight in as a Lt??? I have heard of TA Cpls going regular and remaining as Cpls.

    The reason I ask is that I am currently an officer in the TA and I have been recommended to go regular, what I am unclear about is whether I resign my TA commission and go to RCB, RMAS etc or whether I can transfer in?? :?:

    Any thoughts, advice or guidance greatly received.
  2. At the moment it appears that there is only one route to gaining a regular comission and that is to do the full commisioning course. You could just do an awful lot of FTRS or other such roles but there is no back door so to speak. If you have your commission confirmed then there is atleast no need to do RCB. If mobilisation of subbies picks up we could end up with former TA LT's at sandhurst who've been in combat for real with gongs on the parade square n everything 8O.

    There have been mumblings from various bde training wings that something will come about where a commission is a commission and officers are all the same, meaning more reg officers in TA units for parts of their careers and more TA in the regs. Not sure how that would work though. They've been talking about it for years anyway.
  3. Interesting question about RCB and RMAS. I know that if you have passed RCB & RMAS then you don't need to go to TCB if you joined the TA, even if you never attended Sandhirst. Not that it's massively important, but I can't see how the RCB would ask questions like 'why do you want a commission' if you already have one.
  4. As a TA subbie who is going regular in a while....

    surly you want to goto Sandhurst first??

    The level of training you have as a TA officer is minimal compared to that as a regular officer - 3 weeks instead of 44, and 2 weeks platoon commanders tactics instead of 3 months platoon commanders battle course (assuming your inf)

    Just a thought.
  5. msr

    msr LE


    I trust you were sent to Sandhurst with a bit more training than that!

  6. Can I just dispell a myth: 'Three week commisioning course'.

    Up untill very recently (DEPO time), Yes, a new and shiney one pip wonder in the TA would have only spent three weeks at Sandhurst, but prior to that he would have completed MTQ 3, which is a fairly comprehensive battle camp beasting, MTQ 2 which is all his orders and estimate stuff and prior to that he probably spent at least a year doing recruit training and learning his soldier's trade role. Your average TA subaltern will probably have acrued more MTDs than 44 weeks prior to RMAS, the difference is, he didn't get fucked around spending 43% of his time doing sword drill, rifle drill, foot drill and other such 'character building but largely irelevant' to most training. Most of any Troop Comander's course is saying 'this is what your boys do'. Why does a TA subbie need to spend four months doing that, he knows, he did it? An ex reg WO2, who had been a CSgt at RMAS when he was regular, and who now works in TA officer training, told me that a TA subbie is probably actually more usefull than his regular counterpart, obviously by the time they both get to major the regular officer has leaped ahead, but the initial statement still stands.
  7. Yes - you have to resign your commission. You will not have to do RCB as a pass on TCB and completion of Mod 4 constitutes a pass. You will have to do RMAS CC regular. The best person to seek out for this is Abacus - he has more info of the type you require.
  8. Oh really??
  9. A major factor in whether you transfer straight or go through Sandhurst would be respect I would have thought - especially with regards to infantry anyway.

    However good a TA officer is, he's still a TA officer and it's going to be very hard for him to gain the respect of regular soldiers. It's hard enough for a TA officer to gain the respect of TA soldiers!
  10. The reason for not wanting to do 44 weeks at Sandhurst and another 3 months at Brecon is that I am 25 now, by the time I do my Op tour, then do Sandhurst and then Brecon after that I will be 27 and still only a 2Lt. There will be Capt's my age or younger and it will be an up hill struggle from there.

    As mentioned above, I have spent more than 44 weeks getting to 2Lt and having just completed 2 weeks at Brecon feel that there is not a huge gap between myself and a Regular Inf 2Lt, there is a gap, but its not huge.

    I have heard a rumour, oh no, that there was a TA Capt that deployed on Telic and after his tour they kept him on he became a regular Capt. Is this even possible?

    It is a grey area, 1 Army concept, TA Officers leading troops in Iraq, Reg to TA easy but not the same for TA to Reg.........doesnt really seem like 1 Army, does it.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Woof, you are likely to fall into the middle ground.

    TA officers that do S Types/FTRS can stay on and be offered an SSC, but it is not common and age is a major factor. If you are under 28 they will want you to go and do the full 44 weeks. If you are over 28, you may avoid this but may find certain career hurdles in your path in the future, not least the stigma attached by some to being a TA officer.

    You are young enought to do full RMAS commissioning course, and probably should do so if you want a full career. Those 2Lt I served with that were 27-28 still did a full stint as a Pl Comd, but then got a certain amount of fast tracking to ensure they got the correct ticks in boxes for subsequent promotion.

  12. Cuddles is right to question this totally sh1te comment.

    I managed to transfer from the TA to the Regular Army, and I am now a Maj, and in line with my contemporaries who were Pl Comds together when I joined the Regular Army on a SSVC. Below is my reply to someone who PM'd me wanting some information about transferring. It may be a bit out of date, but the main theme still stands true.

    I was bloody lucky to be able to transfer - or maybe the Regt was desperate! Either way it is a long, painful and tortuous road to go down, and you need to be damn sure that it is what you want to do when you start the process.

    I was initially commissioned as a Gp B OTC officer, and then transferred as soon as I could into the local Inf Bn. I completed my RMQ and TA PCBC within the first 6 months of being commissioned. When I decided that I needed to do something a bit more prifitable in my life I applied for a SSVC through the Adjt. I had a formal interview with my Coy Comd, and then one by the CO and filled out a few forms. About a month later I was told that I had been accepted, and initially signed up for a 1 year SSVC with one of the Reg Bns of the Regt.

    After about 6 months with the Reg Bn my CO suggested that I should extend my SSVC by a further year, and with nothing better to do I did. Thus far things were pretty straightforward. A couple of months after this my CO asked me if I had ever thought of transferring from the TA to the Regulars, and so the entertainment began.

    Now, things have changed since I went through the process, and SSVC doesn't exist anymore, so I'd be a bit wary of reading what I'm telling you as gospel for the current situation, and I'm afraid I don't know the proper rules for it. If you're interested I'm sure your Adjt would be able to tell you.

    I'm afraid I can't remember exactly which forms I had to fill in, or what the administrative staffing process was, but as far as I was concerned all I did was speak to my Coy Comd, and then have a formal interview with the CO requesting to transfer. I remember writing to my TA Bn CO letting him know my intentions, but I think that was about it to get the ball rolling.

    The process was far from simple. Initially the system said that I had to do RCB. I countered this with the fact that I had passed RCB (note RCB, not TCB or whatever the TA equivalent is called these days) when I was 18, and that should be good enough.

    By this time I had spent a year as a Rifle Pl Comd in a TA Inf Bn, and 18 months as a Rifle Pl Comd on operations in a NI Residential Bn, so you can imagine how disgruntled I was when they wanted me to do RCB to determine whether I had the potential to be trained to lead soldiers!! It may sound arrogant, but you need to be reasonably punchy to get through the process and not let these little set backs put you off it. The other fundamental thing you require is the unqualified backing of your chain of command, and these days I suspect that would also include the Bde Comd.

    The system then decided that I didn't need to do RCB, but I would need to go to Sandhurst and complete the Regular Commissioning Course. By this time I was standing in as a Coy 2IC, and the thought of going to Sandhurst for a year didn't flick my switch. Fortunately the CO agreed with me. The MS world finally agreed, and approved my application to transfer on the proviso that I completed the Regular PCBC.

    The whole process had taken over a year by this stage, and I was doing NITAT for our return to NI, as a Pl Comd, due to take over as the Coy 2IC/Coy Ops Offr 2 moths into the tour. I had passed by FFQ course the year before, and was about to finish nearly 3 years of being a Pl Comd - 2 of them on ops, and some idiot wanted me to do PCBC!

    Eventually the deal was that I had to do a long course to prove that I was capable enough, so I applied for the Jungle Warfare Instrs Cse and spent 2 months in Brunei on one of the best courses available in the Army.

    The point of this rather long reply is that it is hard work, it takes a long time, and you can't do it unless your chain of command is going to go out on a limb to support you. A lot depends upon your age, experience, which Regt you want to join, vacancies in your year of birth and probably a few other intangibles, not least of which is luck!

    You need to bear in mind that whilst there are a number of people in the Regulars who have managed to transfer, not one of them has had the same route in. I personally know 2 others and one of them had to complete the full year at Sandhurst and PCBC, followed almost immediately (2 months) by JCSC because of his age. The other didn't have to do either, but has changed cap badge twice since he was commissioned, but now has a Reg C.

    This brings me on to my next point which is that you need to be sure what you want out of it. Converting your SSC to IRC and ultimately to Reg C is a difficult game for those of us who come to the party late. Now that the Army has moved to Length of Service Terms of Service, as opposed to the old age based system, you may spend quite a long time hanging around until you get promoted. I don't know how much they will take your TA service into account.

    Finally, if you do go for it and get through, don't be surprised when you find out that none of your TA service is pensionable. Your 16 year point, or whatever the new pension system point is, wont be from your commissioning date, but from the day you start your Regular service,

    Hope this helps!
  13. There is an example of a female TA Lt - doing FTRS as a Captain and now a regular Company Commander in RMP - Chocalate teapot comes to mind.
  14. For your amusement, a tale from the 1980s...

    There was the instance where a TA Officer from THEM did his SSVC with a line Bn in NI, apparently having a good tour. Decided to go regular, was sent on an RCB with another SSVC person in the same situation (which had just been "revamped" IIRC) and both failed. This was promptly used as proof that RCB should consider examining its criteria...

    (There was a certain amount of amusement at the post-result debrief, apparently)

    ...anyway, said person turns up to RMAS. Parades with all others. Is told to wear medals/badges (having gone for the sensible "head-down" approach initially), and so ends up wearing SAS wings and GSM NI as an OCdt...
  15. Bayonet-mouse, terrific reply and talk about a display of initiative! Forgot where I heard it, but someone on Arrse said that as a TA-2Lt with six months in a TA bn he had more experience commanding a platoon than his friend that had just completed the regular commissioning course.

    Woof, please see my pm.