Transfering and re badging

i am currently in the process of transfering. now when i return to phase 2 does my missus stay in my pad at my unit now and then we move once i finish phase 2 and get posted. will i be serving unacompanyed? paying for sfa or paying for sla. once ive transfered i wont lose all my lsa days? any other info would be greatfull cheers

also would it get GYH?
Have you asked one of the clerk's at your unit these questions? It might to be good to have an idea of everything that transferring affects, especially financially.

Or are you just going to hope it will be all right and then complain when something doesn't turn out the way that you thought it was going to?
when i transferred, my family remained in my original unit MQ while i completed my trade training.

i paid rent for my MQ as normal and i didn't pay food or accommodation during re-trading. i don't know if this was right or wrong but maybe someone was looking out for me. i got some wierd mileage allowance, i can't remember what it was (this was pre-GYHD days).

when i completed my new trade training, the MCM Div of my new unit gave me a decent LTA with time to square my family away and clear from my old unit.

all worked out quite well from a welfare point of view, except the row between the old and new unit as to who should pay my travel / accommodation expenses - turned out to be the losing unit had to foot the bill.

hope this helps?
Family stay Put.

You pay for food if a PAYD unit, but do noy pay accom.

If you are UK based you will get GYH(M) and if Germany based you will get LSA. And my personal favourite you can claim IE at £5 a night on course, though you admin office may only allow you 30 days worth for this.
Transferring!!! The grass is always greener on the other side biggest mistake I made in 1994.


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