Transferees - Good or Bad Thing?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Arai, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Discussion point really

    Now, i know the Corps is desperate for manpower and all that, however Transferees IMO are a mixed blessing. On the one hand they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Corps. I have an ex-infantry senior NCO in my section who has helped the lads with everything from first aid to showing them how to black nasty their magazines securely to their webbing.

    However, they also have no experience in the Corps and senior NCOs can be just A3 trained. Does an SO2 G2 look at those senior NCO transferees and think "he's not gonna know a deal because this is his first tour in the Int Corps", or is he going to think - "your a SNCO in the Int Corps therefore you should be able to perform as any other SNCO in the Corps?"

    Its a hard one i think and I for one am glad im not a transferee
  2. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    i just wish the corps will let me go over... the PSO at quicksands told my RCMO that ranked as a gunner, i stand as much chance of getting in the corps at present rank, as tony blair has of becomming popular. somthing to do with FAS, and a lot of new postings that are opening up require CPL's/SGT's etc... also the fact that (apparrently) there are so many DE's applying from civvie street, that the corps can afford to pick and choose so is only accepting applicants from CPL upwards and considering LCPLS if they're members of mensa or somthing... well that's the way it was put to me anyway. i am not amused.
  3. how old are you? they always used to accept pte equivalent as transferees. but i guess if one is getting on a bit in years, they might feel reticent.
  4. I know that this is not strictly on topic (but I am puzzled) - why are they taping their magazines to their webbing? Do they not put them in the ammo pouches like everyone else?
  5. Not regular Int Corps and will happily fack off if asked.

    However, the reason I'm posting is that this dilemma is in no way unique to the Corps. As you point out, your infantry bloke is an asset with transferable skills...OTOH you might have another SNCO who doesn't have the requisite trade skills to deal with a situation.

    So the question is one of balance. As long as they moderate the ratio of transferees to non-transferees then the feng-shui should be OK.

    I work in a large specialist CIVPOL CID department. Occasionally we get fairly senior people posted to us with fack-all experience of what we do, and we have to suffer it. They are analogous to your transferees.

    The good ones understand which bits of supervision and leadership are generic and which bits aren't. Which is to say, he knows when to put his hands up and say "look, I've not done this before...what do you think?"

    I once worked on an operation where the DI was brand new and seriosuly didn't have a scooby about what the score was. He wandered into the ops room and said to us "Guys, it's my first day and it's a big op. I'm gonna make the tea and sign whatever you need me to sign and watch how it's done."

    Now, in my world that bloke got a lot of respect and came in with the right attitude. Whether a Corps transferee SNCO would get away with it is another matter.

    Lastly, my TA Squad was 75% transferees from other parts of the TA. We were, to be fair, an utter nightmare.

  6. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    i'm only 25 (26 in 23 days), i can't be too old can i? i have years ahead of me! and devilish good looks aswell! :D
  7. well personally i have always found RA transferees to be excellent, particularly those who have come from arty int. but i guess it depends how long you have been in too... bear in mind that by your age, most of our mob would be at least full screw or even sgt (if they joined at 18 ). unless of course you joined late?
  8. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    joined at 20. am in the targeting role and am quite a good OP Ack. well that's what my last CR said anyway.
  9. well we'd love to have you :) keen and good at your job. youve just gotta convince the higher-ups now.
  10. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    i've been trying, mate. every person i have spoken to from the int corps have been nothing but helpful and very encouraging with regards to me wanting to transfer. everyone except the PSO my RCMO spoke to. my regiment are in sandier climes at the moment, so convincing them will be hard, but i am heading out there next month for the rest of the tour so i'll keep badgering them. they aint gonna stop me, i know that.
  11. A similar question but the other way around. Does transferring to the AAC as pilot career foul you? I know some Corps will and some wont, whats the opinion on those that have gone to the light blue in the past?
  12. You could try getting your RCMO to call the Int Corps RCMO, who's at Chicksands; or better still there has been an SO2 Personnel post at Glasgow, which has been created in the last 12 months. She'd will definitely know what the current targets are for recruitment, both direct entry and transferee.

    For what it's worth, the problem you are facing is that with the increase in the size of the Int Corps (40% increase due to FAS), the Corps has increased DE recruitment. The result of this is that there are lots of new LCpls knocking around. This creates an imbalance, in that there are not enough SNCO's to manage them. Therefore, the transferee targets are most likely aimed at senior Cpl/Sgt and above.

    If you've got a transferable skill, for example coming from an IA background, then that would surely go in your favour; and would to a certain degree challenge Arai's theory on tranferees not having the necessary experience.
  13. Pegasus, i am pretty sure that if you train to become a pilot in the AAC you become AAC never to return to your Regt/Corps again, so you can't be career fouled by your regt/corps if you ain't in it no more (check out my use of england, shocking! :oops:) I am happy to be corrected though! (on the AAC thing not the english)
  14. dont know about that, but i do know the corps has been vindictive in the past to anyone wanting to transfer. i know one guy who wanted to try being an ATO and was promptly given a nice light side posting to 399SU. this in the olden days before OP MI. now THAT is how you discourage anyone from talking about jumping the fence!
  15. I'm thinking of transferring as well but I'm sure I'll be fine on the age thing - after all, you are a whole 2 days older than me.... :D