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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by humptynumpty1, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm joining as an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator.

    I've ran a search and have read that you can study for a degree whilst serving, my recruiter has also mentioned this briefly. From what I can grasp you have to become a FofS, which would be somewhat later in my career. In reality, is it a possibility to come away with a degree from the trade I have chosen?

    In general are there many transferable qualifications that can be used when out of the army, that can be gained through being an EWSO.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Humpty.
  2. To become a Foreman of Signals, you need to go into one of the technician trades. Career path for EWSO is now by the Yeoman of Signals (EW) route (used to be Supervisor (Radio)).
    This is a highly technical course which can achieve an Honours Degree from Bournemouth University in Telecommunications Engineering in parallel to the military Foreman of Signals qualification. The course comprises a series of modules to develop student theoretical knowledge, analytical problem solving, practical and managerial skills in the field of telecommunications and information systems. The seventeen modules of the course are spread across the following technical disciplines:
    The above bit is for the FofS not YofS(EW). You can read the rest on the MOD website.
    EWSO gets things like driving licence, NVQ and the Euro Computer Driving License thingy....whatever that's worth. You would be able to do other courses but not as part of your normal training. None of your trade courses (at the moment) give you degree level qualifications.
  3. Thank you very much exbleep. If i could use some more of your knowledge, how would you say that the EWSO trade compares to others within the Corps with regards to promotion etc and whether there is any scope to commission from the ranks be it DE or LE?
  4. Promotion is as good as if not better than most trades.

    Don't wait years until FofS to get a degree use your learning credits to put towards a degree in your own time through OU.

    Doubt there is much in terms of civvie quals from EW but I am prepared to be proven wrong!
  5. EWSO, as it is now, is totally different from when I was a Spec Op/Supvr (R)/Tfc Offr (R). The whole world (and technology) has changed. However, and this is mainly info I now get from attending reunions, it is still varied with great job satisfaction. The number of postings have dropped, of course, but there are still some exciting jobs out there. Promotion is very good (LCpl from training if you pass your JNCO course) and then up the Supervisory ladder. Most officer jobs in that particular stream are LEs (less the OC and CO jobs) and I still meet up with several who got to Lt Col. Apart from the normal squaddy moans, the guys I meet at the reunions all seem pretty happy with their lot. The supervisory experience is what will really help you in civvy street if you stay in the full time. Most of the older ones got jobs as bursars, practice managers (medical and legal type) or middle management in local government. I'm not sure the civvy operator career is still there (as it used to be in my day) but I'm sure there is still a limited career path on that side.
  6. That's good news regarding the promotion especially as I would love to make a career out of the army, rather than stay in for 4 years. The OU definitely does seem appealing to me as I would like to leave myself in the best possible standing when I eventually leave, as well as give me a little bit of security incase of being made redundant for example. My recruiter has also mentioned that some are given an opportunity to apply for a commission as a JNCO, how much truth is there in this, or does it happen once in a blue moon and is just another selling point.

    I appreciate this is a pretty boring thread, however you guys are the ones in the know and would be great for me to learn from your experiences. Many thanks in advance, Humpty.
  7. It does happen you just have to inform your Chain of Command of your wishes and prove yourself to be a cut above everyone else in everything.

    A friend of mine recently commissioned from EW Op and she always had something officerish about her.
  8. Thank you very much exbleep and SS for your help. Mods feel free to lock/ delete thread if desired.