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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blueshoes, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Im currently in the AAC, been in for 5yrs, and I am a LCpl. I wish to transfer to the RE, but I dont have all the GCSE's needed for joining up if I was a civvy. Do GCSEs matter after 5yrs of service? I have got everything needed bar 1 of the damn things.

    Thanks Blueshoes
  2. don't think it makes a difference nowadays, we have guys in the AGC who can't even speak english
  3. Talk to your RCMO in the first instance. It is far more likely that the Sappers will look at your performance on the courses you have attended so far, and your CRs, rather than a 5 year old paper qualification. You'll probably be invited for an interview as well; they're a bit fussy, I've heard!

    However, do enquire about retaining your rank.

    Go for it!

  4. Be sure that you don't get fobbed off by your RCMO (or anyone else) about an application to transfer. Too often it is too much bother by your CoC to action your application or they take the decision that your regiment or battalion will not agree to release you even if you are succeed in the appication. Have a read of AGAIs Vol 2 Chapt 48. It clearly states that your unit is not to prevent application.

    Good luck
  5. I am just getting the light at the end of the tunnel in my transfer. I have done just over 4 years in the Int Corps and transferring to the REME. I am going as Electronics Technician and only just got a date today, application has been in since beginning of November. I didn't have the required subjects from school but was told by numerous people (careers office etc) that once you are a qualified soldier you can transfer to pretty much anything without the required background. Once your in then you can crack on. As for rank, I will lose my LCpl for training but get mark time of rank, basically paid as a LCpl without wearing it. The trade I'm going to get there LCpl from end of phase 2 so I get it back anyway. Hope some of this is of use to you.
  6. Blueshoes, Have a look for the next Internal transfer fair in your Bde area! All the A&SD Should have teams there to try and poach those who wish to transfer from Regt to Regt Corps to Corps! As mentioned one you have applied your Unit cannot stop your transfer, What will stop it is your Interview with the RE SPSO! Fairs should be on Div/Bde orders.
  7. thanks for all the replies, Ill be seein my RCMO as soon as I can get in with him.
    With regards to the Interview with the RE SPSO, what is most likely to stop it?
    I can imagine this sort of interview being the kind that go, so what can you offer us, and why do you want to be here.

    Worst questions in the world!!
  8. Obviously the physical side of life will be different as RE is a very robust Corp with the combat engineering. Know in your head the reasons you want to transfer for yourself and dont just say to get a trade.
  9. Emphasis is on the bold bit.

    Soldiers who wish to transfer must first identify their choice of Capbadge and trade and then apply through their chain of command using Army Form 241 - Request to Transfer, available in unit orderly rooms. Once initiated the form must be forwarded to the APC, it may not be delayed or refused in the unit for any reason, however the actual transfer may be delayed in exceptional circumstances such as when the unit has been formally warned for an Operational Tour when the CO may request the APC to delay the transfer until after completion of the Tour.

    Enjoy the Corps
  10. Gingerslime,

    As long as you pass the course.... which is one of the most challenging courses in the Army! Have you started revising your maths yet?

    Good luck anyway!

  11. Maths is luckily one of my strong subjects. As for difficult courses, the int corps phase two is a beast as well. I know to get my head down and crack on.
  12. Looking on the recruiting side you would of been able to go REME Tech as INT Corp is one of the highest quals required on your initial selection. The only thing that would of stopped you would of been if you didnt have a good enough grade in Science or science based subject. Did you get a C or above in science if not I suggest you work on that as it is a must needed subject in the tech world.
  13. Only science I done was Biology, not really relevent here. I do have an aptitude for electrical engineering though and was offered scholorship program for Aberdeen University at 16 after doing well in relevent tests but was rejected on medical grounds as was still registered asthmatic and they send you on a work placement which could be dusty and would trigger an attack according to them, even though it was only ever exercise induced and never had a full on attack.