I’m currently in RA phase 2 at Larkhill and seem to spend most of the time waiting to be put on various courses and doesn’t look like I’ll be getting out of here any time soon. I’m due to go to 29cdo at the end but starting to wonder if transferring to the engineers and going via 24cdo may be more beneficial due to actually getting a trade, and I’ve also heard the accommodation at 29 is awful. Obviously can’t say so myself as it’s only what I’ve heard second hand but it has got my thoughts over to if it’s worth penning a transfer letter.
many thanks.


Phase two will be a small part of a much bigger picture. It might feel like it is dragging but things do move, even if they are slow.

Also don’t take passing AACC for granted! The beat up alone is a lick. (I’ll caveat that I haven’t got a funny coloured beret but common sense dictates) Blokes going 29 or 7 RHA do additional PT several times a week so make use of that and wait out. It’ll be a VERY slow process to attempt to transfer now.

24 commando Royal Engineers, based at RM Chivenor in North Devon sharing (trying unsuccessfully to tale over) a camp with the Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines. You are correct. 24 squaddies are housed in grade 4 accom while everyone else is in grade 1. From reading the forum it would appear @alfred_the_great may be the man to help.


If you are considering a transfer to the Sappers just on the basis of the time you are spending in Plase 2, bear in mind that for the Sappers you will do Phase 2a (Combat Engineer), followed by Phase 2b (artisan), so you are looking at possibly a further year, maybe more, depending on which trade you go for.
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