Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo86, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. I'm thinking about transfering into a different unit but I'm not to sure how to get the ball rolling. When I go into the unit I'm thinking of moving to, do they request all my med records and whatever else or do I have to go to my current unit and speak to my CoC to get the ball rolling?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Is this due to re-location, unhappiness or something else?

  3. Altogether now:

  4. What do you do now?
    Why do you want to change?
    Where do you want to go?
    Are you within your proposed new units/jobs criteria?
    Have you informed your gaffa yet?
    Have you contacted/visited your proposed new unit yet?
  5. Due to a huge change in circumstances and partly being unhappy/disillitioned with the unit I'm in at the minute. I've telephoned the PSI at the unit I would like to go to and I'm going in to see him on Friday. I was just looking to get abit more clued up on how transfers work and how long it normally takes for them to go through.
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    PSIs are not involved in this process. Indeed being Regular soldiers they will probably have less of an idea than you.

    Go visit the unit that you wish to transfer to. You'll more than likely have an interview with their OC at some stage to see if you are their sort of chap/chapess. Once they are happy to have you, go back to your current unit and request a transfer from your OC. A formal email is one way of doing it, and has the added benefit of instantaneously allowing you to notify your CSM and Platoon Commander by CCing them in.

    Shortly thereafter you'll likely be called in to speak with the OC. S/He will probably want to know reasons why and to see if you're sure about going ahead before he signs off on the paperwork, which he will then forwards on to either Glasgow or the receiving unit (can't remember which order they do it in). The whole thing used to be able to be completed within a month if both ends were on the ball, but in this JPA age, who knows how quickly it can be done?
  7. I might add that some units, or at least the one in my case, may require you to attend a selection weekend to assess your suitability for their unit. Depending how often these run, it may lengthen the transfer process. Granted, I don't know if the unit you have in mind does this (and I don't know how many other units do this).
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I would strongly recommend speaking to your current unit before going to visit another one.

  9. Having transfered myself from a corps unit to an infantry unit i found the process smooth. all i did was speak to my W02 and say i want to transfer, he said ok had a talk and gave me a transfer form to fill in an return. The rest was carried out by my old and new unit which was about 2months. All your documents are sent to your new unit (p file: which includes medicals and course reports). The reason why it can take months is due to the fact your JPA has to be transferred and come up on the books of the new unit.

    However before speaking to anyone about my transfer i went to the unit i wished to be with and had an interview with their 2IC.

    My transfer was a complete change of capbadge, therefore i cannot say that only moving location within your current capbadge is as smooth. I have indeed heard its a longer process.
  10. I have read some of your previous posts about not being involved with the trained soldiers. i can relate heavily to this, and i hated the fact that even when i was a trained and traded soldier my troop and the rest of the squadron were i thought "unsoldier like" and massively weak. Once i transfered to the infantry it was the best move i made since joining the TA.

    Different bunch of lads compared to the previous bunch and it doesnt matter if you are a recruit or trained soldier, you are in the same battalion and have the same lessons unless it was specific e.g Mortars.

    Mabey you should do the opposite and transfer from the Infantry to the Corps.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I'm going to echo what the_creature just wrote. Like him I transferred from a Corps to the Infantry and got what I had always wanted out of being in the Army. For others, including you, it might be the other way around and a Corps unit might float your boat more than current callsign. It's why it is always better to shop around and go with what you're happiest with rather than just plumping for your local unit.
  12. Obtain (from your PSAO or AO, your PSI is unlikely to have any) and fill out part A & B of an AFE 7547 (Application to transfer), pass through CoC to your OC for completion at Part C (he may or may not interview you, depends if he can be arrsed). Either take this to your new unit yourself or ask your current unit to forward it on. Make contact with the new unit you wish to join, explaining that you either have the form and wish to transfer or you wish to transfer and your current unit is posting the form. Your new OC completes Part D and forwards to APC for JPA action. JPA action usually takes a couple of weeks depending on how efficient the desk officer at the gaining unit is. Delays in the process are more commonly down to OCs leaving the form in their in-trays for weeks on end....
  13. Took over a brand new cadre of SUTs this weekend.

    One bloke - I'll not say what kind of unit he was from - but this Craftsman had been trying to get to the ITC for a year, and had continually been knocked back by his unit. When he finally DID arrive, he was so hacked off he self-RTU'd at breakfast saturday.

    I also overheard a conversation detailing how the SUTs at that unit ( pretty sure it was the same one ) spent their Drill Nights first-parading vehicles.

    Pretty sure thats not on CMS(R) or whatever it is this week.
  14. with all the cuts extras our unit had about 3 months of SUT not knowing what was going on and PSI/Troop staff not keeping them updated,

    but the ball is rolling once again all be it a funny shaped ball now