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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Travelgall, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. A buddy of mine whom passed out of Fort Doom/RMAS as a FLOPPE has decided that he wants to join the Mother Nation's Armed Forces after 10 years. His missus is being moved to England with a really good job. He is currently a Captain in his Commonwealth countrys' Army. If he transferred would he keep his old rank? Is keeping rank Skill set dependent? He's done the usual tours of Iraq, and was well in the running for the KCC at Sandhurst.
  2. I would be interested in hearing how this happens, if at all possible, myself. Technically they have completed the RMAS commissioning cse and are already qualified but have not completed the obvious 'to arm' cse.

    If it was UK based pers I would expect them, largely, to maintain their rank. With this one... I am not so sure.
  3. Wouldn't a lot depend on which country's armed forces he is serving with?
  4. I suggest that he needs to speak to the MS desk of the cap badge he would want to transfer into. The first hurdle is going to be available vacancies before worrying about seniority etc.
  5. Thanks guys. As pointed out he did do RMAS. His country is a nice friendly one in the South Pacific that is good at Rugby. Suspect he should have a word with the Military Liaison at the British Embassy.
  6. Fiji eh? Well he'll be among friends then! :D
  7. Mind you I had a Rugby-mad Oppo once who was very excited about getting a Fijiian posted into his Troop. There was much excitement about how standards of Rugby would improve.

    A week or so later, after a PT session when a proper shaped ball was chucked about, said Oppo was seen despairing in the bar at getting the only Fijiian in living memory who couldn't play the game...
  8. Cuddles
    You could include Samoa, New Zealand and Tonga on that list, I wasn't that specific. Either way who should he speak to?
  9. Not New Zealand...they're a bunch of chokers. Just look at the way they've peaked for the RWC already!