Transfer whilst on ERE posting

I am a member of a Germany based unit. I wish to transfer capbadges, but am currently on an ERE post in the UK.

I am wondering if I were to submit my transfer request whilst at this post, would I interview with my current chain of command, or would I need to end my post early and go back to Germany to begin the paper trail there? Would it be possible to carry out the whole process where I am now?
Seems to me to be the case, and also to my current WO2, but as stated, nobody we have spoken to seems sure.

I should add, I am RAC cap badged, planning on moving to the RA, and my current posting is a mixed cap badge department.

Has anybody had to deal with this before, or does anyone know how it works out?

Thanks in advance,



Even though you are ERE'd, your current unit is your administrative unit. It should all be done through them.

All the info required is in AGAI's (no link available at the moment), but if you apply, go through the process, and successfully transfer, then that is the end of your ERE as you are then posted to your new unit.

You will still retain your current capbadge until the end of your training though, because if you fail you will be sent back. You will be rebadged on completion of training.

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