Transfer - US Army to Brit Army Possible?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Disco, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. A good friend of mine is in the US Army in Germany. He is looking at transferring out. He has an offer from Austrialia but asked me if we (British Army) offer the same kind of transfers.

    Personally Ive never heard of anyone outside the commonwealth getting in to the British Army.

    He has done Infanty, Sigs IT and logistics and he holds the rank of SSGT.

    My recommendation is Australia and dont look back but he would prefer to stay in Europe.

    Anyone in the know if a transfer is possible?
  2. Would need to bring his own (decent) kit with him as we can't afford anymore.

    Oh, and pay his own wages.

    And travel expenses.

    Basically, everything.
  3. As long ashdoes not do any blue on blues

  4. Got any good comms kit?

    That would come in handy too!
  5. Could try marrying a Brit first!
  6. why would any one want to leave the best army in the world to join rabble that look like they are doing a WW2 renicatment with period bedford trucks and radios.
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  10. Our American friend is obviously unsuitable. He is completely doolally.
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    No offense, honestly, but if you wanted to jump from the septic army to the British, it doesn't matter if you are a SSGT or a Seal, your skills aren't up to task and you'll have to do proper basic training.

    Will this guy be able to handle it?

    Just a thought.
  12. Nationality waivers can be given in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the MoD.

    Get your Septic chum to contact the overseas desk at the London AFCO for a definitive yay or nay. Contact details are:

    Armed Forces Careers Office London
    2 - 12 Bloomsbury Way
    WC1A 2SH

    Tel: 0207 305 3329
    Fax: 0207 305 4310

    In the end it could come down to blind luck as to whether the recruiting staff/DVA can be bothered to put the extra work in. Applying for a shortage trade would help.
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