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Just out of interest; OTC people can be sent on some TA courses (e.g. platoon commanders, PTIs)


After/during time at OTC, is it possible for OCdts to transfer from the OTC to a TA unit without having to redo the entire recruits basic training? Does OTC training (MTQ 1, 2, 3 etc) equate in any way to the TA training?
steptoe said:
Depends where you go really.
Okay....obviously if you transferred to Signals, Inf, RAC etc you'd have to do the special to arm training,

BUT could you not go straight to the special to arm training?

Not trying to make out i'm some pompous OTC fool who thinks recruits training would be below me, just genuinely interested as to whether there is a system in place to get OTC bods into the TA after uni or during it should they wish to transfer (not TASO tho!)
My unit run it so that, if you were to transfer direct from the OTC, you'd be put in with the recruits to assess your level of skill - there are guaranteed to be gaps particularly in CBRN. Once these are filled and the DS are satisfied you're straight into the troops.

MTQ 1 generally equates to CMSR but MTQ 1 doesn't cover things like CBRN hence the approach above.

MTQ2 and MTQ3 are only useful if you're planning on becoming an officer otherwise they count for squat.

If you're in London and want some further advice check out and get in on a Wednesday to talk to the recruiting team (any time after 1930) for specifics.

I transferred from the OTC after a six month break - spent about 6 weeks in the recruiting cell then moved on into the Sabre troops. well worth doing as in an OTC environment your simply not aware of what you don't know.
escape_artists_never_die said:
If you have done MTQ 1 & 2 you will not be required to do basic training.
As Steptoe said above it depends on the unit, last time I looked mine ran some pre-testing following which you would end up on Phase 1 or 2 training as they decided was appropriate. I've known some OTC types who went to phase 2 and were posted back to do phase 1 after a couple of weekends.

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