transfer to the SPS, because GPD sucks



Working shifts and getting no extra pay (like sloppies), what is the point in staying in the RMP?  
Not knowing what we are doing the next day and being treated like children.  Arnt we supposed to have a job that is seen as being in the public eye?
With at least 5 people in my unit wanting to transfer, does that not say something about our management?
With so many of our management that have transfered themselves from the infantry, with no understanding of a GPD nco and how to look after one.  Does that say how GPD is going down the drain, with low morale and generely NFI RMP.
So how do we transfer and how long does it take to transfer inter Corps?
Agreed that life in RMP can be frustrating, Judge.  But nobody said it would be easy.  At the end of the day, someone has to do the tough jobs, when that squaddie who gobbed off down town and got a slap for his troubles comes in crying, wanting to make a complaint.

Frustrating yes, but there's no more worthwhile job or satisfying way of life in the Army than the RMP.  Okay, a lot of the time you're taking people's statements, completing forensics docs, listening to irrelavent complaints on the phone or filling in REDCAP docs, but what's the alternative?  Sitting in the Docs Supervisor's office, doing even more paperwork?  At least we get out of the office when we get the chance - and for every squaddie mong who gives us a hard time on a Sat night because he's had one too many cans of 'bravery' and thinks we're all ba$tars$, then think of that 'wife-of' who you helped out at the scene of a traffic accident, and the face of that genuine victim who was glassed by a pissed up grunt, and who was there at the DCM when said grunt got sent down to Collie for a 18 month stretch.

Not to mention the lovely uniform!

I say: 'Laugh in the face of your Platoon Commander's ignorance and forget about the shifts and payband.  Be satisfied that you make a difference to those who need it.'

Know what you mean, but the grass ain't always greener...


Frustrating yes, but there's no more worthwhile job or satisfying way of life in the Army than the RMP.
Do you really beleive that Seamus?? I think you need to get out more and actually see what the rest of the Army does for a living.

Judge, if I was you I would transfer, do not limit your options to the SPS, look further afield, get out before you start to think like Seamus.

Satisfying way of life my aarse, you need to see a shrink.
I take it by your reply that you've served in the RMP, Captain Cash?



Life is too short to be unhappy.

My point is, if someone is unhappy in RMP then either get out or transfer. There are many many options open to a RMP NCO. As we both know they are intelligent and versitile making them a valuable asset in other Battalions / Regiments throughout the whole of the British Army.

I do not see the SPS as a suitable solution, thats why I suggested looking further afield.
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