Transfer TO the Infantry?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ironrations, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. I'm a 25 year old Sgt in, lets say a Technical Corps. Woke up one day and realsised that it's tonk and not what I joined the army for, I wanted to be a soldier , not a solderer.

    What are my prospects for a transfer to the inf?

    I await the slagging and/or any constuctive advice that you can offer!
  2. Do it, you know its a good idea........ :)
  3. Obviously you should have joined a Scottish Regiment in the first place.
  4. Let's say it's Royal Signals, since your posting history is a bit of a giveaway. Or were you trying to keep it a secret?

    Oops, sorry.
  5. So my opsec is on the ball, Int Corps is a possibility then....
  6. Solderer ... Int Corps...I suppose
  7. Go for it man, I know plenty of people in the RLC (mostly pioneers) who are looking to transfer :)
  8. Are many of them sergeants at 25? 8O
  9. Not many, I'll admit mostly privates, but most are in their mid-twenties.

    If you're fit enough to pass the tests it shouldn't matter what your age. :)
  10. Sergeant at 25?! Whose butt got licked?! You wouldn't of got that in the Infantry! :lol:
  11. Which part of the infantry are you hoping to join? Not regiment but career path?

    I would suggest that being a rifle pl sgt may be a little tricky straight off the bat. Are you considering QMs, MT or Sigs? What do you have to offer, and more importantly why would an inf bn want to take you as a Sgt?

    The infantry will welcome someone with useful skills that they may not have a volunteer for already, but being a sgt may be your biggest barrier.
  12. You might want to check the pay brackets first, and I would be surprised if you would remain a Sgt - as the infantry would insist on an infantry sgt qualifying course. That said, you should not lose pay, so may still be paid as a sgt but carry cpl rank, but then be frozen in your pay bracket for some time.
    I know one AGC Sgt who transferred, accepted Cpl rank, had to do several signals courses and after a length of time (years not months) was promoted back to Sgt...