I'm sfter some info and wondered if any of you guys can help me.

Does anyone have any advice on transfering from the AAC into the RAF. I only know of one person to have done it a few years back but unfortunately i cant get hold of him.

I am currently a crewman on the mighty lynx and have been for about 4 years now. I am looking into going over as a crewman or weopan systems operator as the crabs call them. Any advice or help you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

Well, your spelling is spot on for crab rear crew. :roll:

BTW, quite a few chaps and girls have jumped ship in the recent past. I gather there will be an awful lot more in the near future too. ;)

Don't know where you would stand as a crewman though. Not sure if they are terribly short of them in the RAF?
Northern one,

We're VERY short of WSOps. However, you need to bear in mind that, if you joined as a WSOp, you could technically be employed as a WSOp(EW) (on things like the Nimrod, AWACS, Sentinel etc), WSOp(Acoustic) (MR2, AWACS) as well as WSOp(Crewman) (which may be C-130 or C-17 as well as rotary).

You conduct a common core period of study at Cranditz prior to streaming based upon aptitude and service need. In reality however, I suspect you'd get rotary Crewman because of your previous service.

55(R) Sqn at Cranwell conduct all WSO/WSOp training and run monthly famil visits for both civvies and serving potential candidates. I strongly recommend you get yourself on one of these.

Best of luck!

yeah have tried pprune, got some good advice on there thought i'd see what trusty old arrse would send me!!

I will enquire into the famils up at cranwell and see where i get.

Cheers for the help guys

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