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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Gentlemen of The Corps, i have a mate whose son is in the infantry, pushed that way by the recruiter & told he would be able to transfer once he had passed basic, he is already a qualified electrician however his unit/cap badge are now telling him that he cannot transfer.
    Does anyone have a POC/Phone #/etc, etc i could possibly give to him to try and help him out.
  2. Ping THE_IRON. I've deleted his number because he pests me.
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  3. Good to see the Recruiters using that same old tactics over and over again...the very same that used to give me ******* headaches as a Pl Comd when crow would come in looking to trasfer cos the Recruiter told him he'd be able to. *****. Go to your AFCO and get the ****** to explain what the process should be and watch him stutter his way through some half-arsed apology that he's screwed your boy over!

    Transfers will have to be done through his unit to okay the loss, Director Manning (Army) to sit on it for a while then to the Corps he wants to join to okay the gain. A right pain in the arse...
  4. PM Sent for RO2 Soldiers at Gibraltar Barracks.
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  5. the same thing was tried on with my little brother, local careers office and a recruiting sgt from the local inf. regiment (who were just back from herrick and suffering a massive sign-off barrage).
    All the usual shite about no vacancies, long delay etc. My bro phoned me to ask if that was the case and after a phone call to a mate who was in a recruiter post at the time, I confirmed that he was talking bollocks.
    Told little bro to tell this bloke that he knew that he was talking shite and that it was the corps or he would go speak to the RAF instead.
    Recruiter again tried it on, saying that the information was out of date etc. My bro then asked if he could use the phone and rang me, I was at the time SSgt, Asst RCMO at my place. Queue a large ammount of back peddling from inf Sgt and my brother duely joined the corps.
    I suspect this happens all the time.