transfer to the agc

i'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion on transferring to agc. As it is i'm stuck at Sgt for the next 12 years i'm looking for advice about the possibility of a transfer. Basically do any of the agc boys and girls think its a worthwhile option and would they reccomend it?


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AGC ? Stuff that ! I wouldn't be a monkey if you paid me !
I guess you are tels tech REME! As a techy type person, why not look at other Corps such as Scalies (IS/IT)?

If interested - PM me.
I wouldn't recommend it !

Arrse Wages
Arrse Job
No thanks for the job done

Still if you are going to you had better do it soon if you want to keep all 3 stripes. It is changing soon to only accepting Cpl as the highest rank to transfer in, so you would have to revert !!

Then again you may be able to serve to 55 if you want to 8O
why not transfer if you know what you are doing and you are good at your job and realise that all that the lads want is a decent clerk to tell them what they are entitled to and exactley what they can get then go for it i know there are some crap clerks but for every crap one ther is also a good one that wants to give the lads what they are entitled to whether they know they can get it or not

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