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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by skintboymike, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. I've been forced to transfer for medical reasons and I don't want to remain in the RLC. I've looked at SPS, and checked out the ArmyNet jobs section, but it doesn't answer the obvious questions;

    1. Are there good prospects for quick promotion? (I am a Cpl with 12 yrs left)
    2. Can I keep my rank on transfer?
    3. Are there many trade related courses which I could take which would benefit me after I leave the army?
    4. What are the chances of regular postings to Germany? (My wife is German)
    5. Are there any perks?

    Any helpful answers are appreciated, cheers.
  2. Some answers - only my view, you understand:

    1. Yes - but you'll have to really screw the nut to catch up. The SPS gets more than its fair share of detractors posting here on ARRSE - some of whom clearly have no idea what these guys are actually getting paid for - but the top bracket in each rank range truly are outstanding. It just takes a while to find them, that's all...

    2. Yes.

    3. Very few, however if you go into Fin, there are some very tasty quals to be had, although you have to work like buggery to earn them.

    4. Yes - loads. SPS MCM Div actually give a shit about their toms, and will usually do everything they can to move a soldier, even at very short notice.

    5. Ummm....perks? Apart from the excellent pay, standard of living etc etc ;) None that I would call 'perks' although there are some really good jobs (Embassies all over the world) and if you work for a good bunch (Regt/Bn/Fmn) life is good. God help you if you end up in a fcukwit organisation, however...
  3. 5. They have an excellent knitting club.
  4. Biccy, that's why you'll never make it, you can't count; it should have been:

    6. The have an excellent knitting club. (Well with all those girls it is probably a good idea don't you think?)
  5. Perks?

    You sit in an office.

    Perks for SPS.

    You get as much stationary as you can carry.

    You wear a Green hat.

    Your pay is never screwed up.


    No, there are lots of lads from other corps moving over, esp those that aren't as fit as they used to be.

    Why not, I say, You're still in the Army with all the normal perks. Good life, life in Germany, adv trg, sport etc.
  6. Looking forward to knittitng in a green hat as it happens
  7. knitting even, can't even ******* spell it
  8. Get to work with loads of birds, although they're more likely to let the fine upstanding combat arms into their knickers, rather than nancy boy blotter-jotters.

    Seriously though - the big advantage of SPS is the sheer amount of jobs out there. There are posts in virtually every army unit going - and plenty of joint-service ones (even cool ones - er...refer to the "walts" thread for further info).


    or if you're into IT then there are jobs out there as "App Ops" working on all sorts of strange battlefield IS applications (mainly alongside RSigs types). PM me for further info.
  9. Damn!
  10. That folded. It's cross stitching now, dead hard it is.