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Coming from an armoured unit, Im currently considering transferring to the RMP, and would like some opinions and/or comments of life in the RMP, good postings, good points, bad points about the job, do most people enjoy it? chances for sports etc. All comments appreciated, apart from the usual non original brainless sarcastic ones, thanks
What age and rank are you and what civvie qualifications do you have ?
Well as you can guess from my name I transferred to the RMP from an inf bn.

Personally for me it was a very good move and has directly led to a very interesting career since I left the Army.

The transfer process was a major pain in the arrse, but definately worth it in the long term.

I had a good time in the infantry, but realised that I was going to be stuck in a bit of a rut, so I wanted to do something a bit more challenging (I am sure that will rattle a few feathers). I had much more freedom of action and certainly more interesting work as an RMP NCO than I ever did and an inf NCO. In my time about 1/3 of the RMP were voluntary transfers from other regiments and corps.

But the main you need to be able to articulate to both yourself and others will be "Why do you want to join the RMP?"
Make sure you have had some experience of the RMP from 'the other side of the fence'. Tonight, go down town, get shedded and cause a ruck. When the RMP turn up, give them rock all and see how they react. That way you will be able to learn first-hand how to do their job. You should mention your 'research' at your RMP interviews...
Its simply that Id like to work in that line of work, it looks interesting and varied. I know its probably typical, but whats the crack with applying for a CP posting within the RMP (once transferred) ? Is there a set amount of time you must complete before applying for it etc? INF/MP I appreciate your views and advice, and myself as someone with little knowledge of the RMP, Id appreciate any more unbiased info you have. Also, how do the postings, in general, work? Do you get told where you go or do you have an input?
Quote "whats the crack with applying for a CP posting within the RMP (once transferred) ?"

scorched_earth said:
how do you manage 'walt' u maniac? I dont know, therefore I ask, to further my carrer you buffoon.
Jesus wept.
I say Walt because that is something you could have gone to your local RMP company and asked. You don't have to display it in a forum that is read world - wide. I do suggest that you take a good english course though as being able to spell correctly is a valuable asset when writing statements.
Obviously a simple question can not be answered with a single dose of intelligence, the opportunity to ask a local RMP coy is not available as Im not near one, Im on sodding course, and the sly dig at spelling, well that shows your pettiness, and your lucky you even got a reply. Unfortunately because of idiots like yourself, Im now going to end this search for advice on here and wait a few weeks until I can get to someone with an ounce of intelligence and knowledge about the job, which you obviously dont have. Please feel free to carry on wittering away and posting brainless replies hereafter, as Im too busy to come back and read some nonesense. ANDYROO, please carry on and continue to prove your ignorance.
Once again, Thanks.
Scorched_Earth, I wasn't having a sly dig at spelling at all. It is a fact that good written english is a requirement of the RMP (and civilian Police too). The general standard of english in this country is getting worse but that is a topic for another thread.

With regard to my 'Walt' comment, I would expect to have to serve as an ordinary duties RMP for some time (probably about 2 years) before being eligible for transfer to any specialised duties (SIB, CP etc.)

One of my neighbours transferred from the Paras to the RMP. He went through hell and high water to get his transfer even considered let alone accepted but he stuck it out. He left the Paras as a full screw and very quickly rose to staffie in the RMP. He is now a WO2. He firmly believes that he would just about have reached substantive Sergeant in the Paras by now.

The best place to start asking will be your Chief Clerk, closely followed by the Chief Clerk of the nearest RMP company. I accept that you are on a course, but a quick phone call/email perhaps to get the ball rolling?

If it really is what you want to do then go for it and don't let any knob of a rupert or badge stop you doing it. Good luck.
The number of VTs in RMP now is probably nowhere near 1/3. The idea that promotion in RMP is rapid is ok up to the rank of full screw but doesn't hold water after that-many other capbadges enjoy quicker promotion to SNCO.
Andyroo, the dig about spelling appears a bit low; a quick look at Scorched-earth's posts appear to reveal a keyboard error as opposed to problems with spelling. However, read the average monkey statement and revel in the poor spelling and grammar......
Scorched Earth's request for info on CP is par for the course-if he is a walt he'll fit right in! On the chance he is still checking replies, if he transfers, he can apply straight away at his new unit as CP are screaming for guys having haemorrhaged guys to the civilian circuit.
I was RCT thenwent over to the dark side and never looked back mate, in my honest opinion for what its worth i think i made a better copper after being a grunter for a while and seeing how things are for real :D
Ex RAC here......transfered 8 years ago and never regretted it.

Get an attachment to the RMP asap through your CoC and then form your opinions. Whilst on attachment (usually 2 weeks), the RMP will be forming opinions on you.

CP candidates are generally full screws, but I have known L/Cpls get pulled (if they are show the right dedication and apptitude).

Best of British and feel free to PM me if you need any advice.



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