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I've been in an infantry battalion for about 6 months now and in the army for nearly a year but i'd like to transfer to the Royal Military Police, as it's a job i'd rarther be doing, but i was wondering if it would be possible for me to do so? Am i allowed? If i did transfer what would i have to do?
Have you got the investigative powers to join the Monkies?

If so, you should have the aptitude to find the multiplet hreads that deal with this very subject.

Failing that, I beleive you can retrade, after a year in service. Then talk to your Chain of Command.

I think you may have to fight though, because you are Inf.


Your best bet is to speak with your local RMP Unit, they will give you all the info you need (I would give your boss the heads up as well). It is also possible to complete an attachment for a few weeks, you get to look at RMP and they get to look at you.

In my opinion ex inf make the best VTs as they bring something to the 'party' that RMP are keen on. Your limited time served may not mean you have lots to offer but at least you will have basic inf experience (unless you have managed a tour already).

Where are you based? I am sure someone can point out the closest point of contact.


Just make sure you are prepared to work hard. The course isn't complicated but you must be prepared to work for it. Just make sure you can handle some academic strain and you will be fine. Else you might find that this is not for you and end up having to RTU - not a pleasant experience I imagine.


I am currently based in Celle, Germany. My main worry is for me to go and speak to the boss and him basically turn round and tell me where to go, can he denie me a transfer?

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