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Discussion in 'RLC' started by jat2008, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. I'm thinking of transferring to the rlc as a driver or a driver commas operator could someone tell me which is better and why I currently have b b1 c d d1 hazmat jacket and ust if I was to go lexicons field for phase 2 does anyone no how long I could be there for . Also how long does it take to transfer and is there a lot of waiting and what would the prospects of opp tours

  2. WTF??
  3. I only got as far as 'driver commas operator'...

  4. Never heard of an 'opp' tour before. What do you think the prospects are?
  5. Where are you wanting to transfer from

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  6. Singularly THE funniest post this year!!

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  7. Commas operator? You could start in your post...
  8. Or look it up in your lexicon. Even the RLC's less demanding CEG have standards - hard for some to believe, but......
  9. Please dont say Intelligence Corps!
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  10. Judging by the crowd that was in with me mate you'll go straight in at sgt rank.
  11. My brain melted trying to make sense of that.
  12. He needs to make his mind up. One of his three posts

    Hi i would like sone advise on transferring from hcav to rmp i got my paperwork ready to fill in i wanr rmp as my 1 st chioce . Does anyone no what is the crack how long it takes and advise on what...
  13. Wind up or not I really want a hazmat jacket.

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  14. come work for me pleaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee
  15. Couldn't find one of those, but this was interesting . .