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Discussion in 'RLC' started by stevo9240, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Im infantry and looking to transfer to the RLC , i have 11 years to push and at present my rank is Lcpl. I do think my age will be against me being 42 , but the qualifications i have i belive the RLC would be interested, my qualifications are, Bvehicle maint and inspector, jackal 1 / 2 and coyote instructor, Mt junior accounts and managment, unit eviromental heath , DLAI, skid control car instructor and just recently sv calm instructor up to 15 tonne tes, would these be considerd as i would like to go to 7 reg RLC.
  2. Jesus wept!
  3. .....................................11 years & you're a Lance Jack already?

    Wow mate.........They'll cut their starboard testicles off, to get a flyer like you to join them!

    You'll be the Razzman within two months!
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  4. cant SKI ,dont apply
  5. Sorry to break it to you The RLC won't be interested; they have plenty of 11 yr LCpls of their own to make redundant without accepting others. Mil Tpt is a declining trade. You should try the Int Corps, they're recruiting across the piece and will welcome a man of your ability.
  6. as a high flyer have you thought of applying to be an officer?;-)
  7. The problem i have at the moment is im marking time, due to no pids available , i have been qualified to be promoted to full cpl for last 3 years and at present my quals are being wasted as im sat at a desk as the green fleet manager. What i do not understand is why train a person up as an instructor spend a few thousand pounds then let the qual go to waiste.To move up i think i belive i have to move on and retrade.
  8. Qualified is one thing. Recommended then selected on a promotion board is quite another.

    This may be harsh, IMO your chances of getting into the RLC rate about level with getting a shag with Kate Middleton.
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  9. There was a time when the INF was welcomed in to man our training wings. But as things stand im sorry youll have to crack on where you are.
  10. "There was a time when the INF was welcomed in to man our training wings. But as things stand im sorry youll have to crack on where you are."

    I knew JPA was a step change in the way we manage our careers. I never knew that the decisions on transfers were announced on arrse. Crikey!

    [Nice BPS button pushed] To the OP - much against the cut of my normal jib - give it a go, you have nothing to lose and the RLC might take you. As you have probably guessed we are low on suppliers and it maybe the case that someone coming to the Corps who has first hand experience of employment in the Combat Arms, could bring experience that is required and can be shared or exploited. Do your homework and state clearly why a change of capbadge will be of benefit to the Corps and yourself. Like I say - nothing to lose, but you could gain a lot (of weight - before the usual suspects pipe up). Good luck with it [Normal BPS button pushed]

  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Steveo, sorry to break it to you but the RLC probably won't take you on. That said, there is nothing to stop you starting the process.
  12. If your waist band is the same number as your age you will fit in the RLC straight away. Why do you want to join the RLC anyway? Have you looked at some of soldiers in the RLC.
  13. If somebody gives me redundancy, you can have my job..