Transfer to RLC as ammo tech?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Britters, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. I am currently a JNCO at an army commando unit thinking about tranfering to the RLC as a Ammo tech and was wondering if any AT's could tell me anything about the job?

    Also will i need the 3 GCSE's A-C as a new joiner would?
    any help would be great, cheers!
  2. Britters

    Army Commando unit? thought all we had was RM. Do you mean you are RM or army and attached?

    Regardless thats by the by apart from the fact that as an AT you need to convey relevant concise acurate information in an oral or written format, so you'll need some practice there then.

    secondly, you will need to find information in publications that can be in electronic format or hard copy. You can practice that now by looking up the other threads on ARRSE about AT's and transfering. There is also plenty of other information on MOD websites etc.

    Oh and having a sense of humour and a thick skin might help if you do get through the selection process/

    Don't worry about the course though, you probably don't have to pass any exams anymore to get through it.
  3. Commando? Whoopee... Is that supposed to get you more cred?

    Top Tip: Leave your Cdo BS at the gate.
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    There are AT's with the Commando Bde. As far as I remember a WO2 and Sgt.

    Hunt them down and ask them questions about the trade.

    I think if you look on the Army website there is info for serving soldiers transferring to ther trades. At is one of them, should help.

    I will hunt for the link later.
  5. There are currently 3 AT posts at 3 Cdo Bde, 1 x WO2 and 2 x Sgt.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

  7. Well it says "ARMY COMMANDO " on each arm on my rig so what would you call it?

    cheers for the advice.
  8. Bore off.
  9. I would have thought with the general state of soldiering within the AT trade that someone coming from such a background would be encouraged, not abused!!! - or are you a bitter and twisted Marine Course failure?
  10. No, just fed up with people who think they're 'all that'.......

    Why not just post..... "I'm a JNCO thinking of transferring......" and not try to big it up....

    Is the transfer process different because he's in a Cdo unit? A mere observation....

    (as for the Cdo Cse? Na, was always too fat and wheezy)
  11. Tell me when AT becomes RE will they all have to complete a Combat Engineer Course?
    Is that another course that will be rubbished
  12. Hope you were looking for a bite there, otherwise you've displayed your ignorance towards ammunition and logistics.

    Why would AT's rubbish the Combat Engineer Course?

    If you posted this because comment is oft made by AT's reference the RE EOD, it is not the DEODS course it is the LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM displayed by the RE when conducting EOD operations. AT's in general do not have a problem with the DEODS course as the Navy and RAF also undertake it (as have some AT's in the past). The RAF and Navy act a damn sight more professionally and do not receive the derision that the RE justifies at times.

    That said pi$$ taking of our tri-service chaps is more than acceptable.
  13. The guy asked a question thats all. He should be and clearly is proud of his achievements. Your only achievemnet though is to pass a BPFA, which was probably done back in basic training and never done since. Get over it chubs. Leave your sick chit and attitude at work.
  14. Have to disagree with you cosmos, BD is right; there is no need for someone to mention their unit, be it specialised or not, when simply a JNCO thinking of transferring would have sufficed.

    It did give the impression of larging it. IMHO, it is passing the course and afterwards that matters not what came before.
  15. Bit harsh dingerr: the RE guys of today are a vast improvement on their predecessors. Remember it is not unkown for an AT to fail courses held at DEODS. Also, some of the light and dark blue EOD guys could do better when it comes to their decisions and conduct.