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Hi guys I've been in the infantry just over 4 years and I'm looking at transferring.
I've looked at the oavl and I'm looking really at Jobs that I can imagine as having good transferrable civvie quals. I'm not 18 I'm in my late 20's with my own family now so I want to start a plan for after I one day sign off.
So I want my 3 ppp choices to all be good
I was looking in particular at the aircraft tech and avionics tech roles. These seem to me like they would land you a nice job after at ba or something and I'm sure in service id enjoy it more than I do now.

Can anyone in the trades give any advice on quals and what it's like after job wise?



Aircraft tech gives you good quals for civvie Street. Struggling to hold on to class 1s at the moment as the money on offer in civvie street is good. Army are offering £15k retention bonus for class 1s at the moment. As a class 1 you come away with a nvq level 3 which with some experience is enough to get a decent job. Age really isn’t a problem as I’ve known guys in late 20s early 30s come through.
I was telecomms tech class 1 in the REME, left after 12 years and was never out of work (am now retired). However, jobs in telecomms are (were) in short supply and I had to burn a lot of midnight oil getting up to speed on what civvie firms were doing. The thing is, as an electronics engineer, once you get your civvie qualifications up, that's it - the rest is down to what experience you can get to present to a prospective employer.

I have a mate who was an aircraft tech and went on to service commercial aircraft. He has had to keep his licences up to date (which don't come cheap) just to get any work - no licence, no job.


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Most companies pay the cost of licence renewal, a few hundred quid every five years. Not an issue really. Only becomes a problem if you take an extended break from the job I think more than five years, then you have to resit the exams. Nobody in their right mind gets into that situation. If they intend to continue working in the industry.

On my current job the licensed staff is all ex military. We have one ex navy, two ex airforce, and seven ex army.

The only game in town is the EASA licence and the exams are time consuming,
but there are plenty of courses about and the military training sets you up perfectly.

If you need info look here. Includes course costs.
However self study also works. Some do a mixture of both.

Aviation Technical Training - Resource Group

Engineer licences | UK Civil Aviation Authority

Not sure what the starting pay for a licensed engineer is with our outfit, but for the mechanics it's £34k
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