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Hi I have put a transfer to the REME 8 months ago from the Artillery. Every few days I go and see my RCMO and get told he Knows nothing more about it apart from its in Glasgow getting processed. Is there anything I can do to get this ball rolling quicker as I seem to be just hitting a brick wall every time I go to see him? thanks
Ask the RCMO to contact the relevant department and get a an estimated time-frame for a decision. Also get them to acknowledge receipt of your application, wouldn't be the firts time paperwork has gone missing. One last thing: is your RCMO actually contacting Glasgow or is he just saying it to get you off his back - is the application still in his in-tray?
I'm fairly certain there is a maximum period of time between your flash and their bang, at least with regards to finding out whether the branch you apply to join are considering your case.

With REME, and possibly other technical Corps. there may be extenuating circumstances (depending upon the trade you're applying for) as to previously-acquired (mandatory) qualifications and the TPT.

My advice would be to stay on the back of your RCMO.
The problem is at the moment there are far less people being allowed to transfer due to money wasteage ...that's why all new entrants from last April sign a job offer letter to say they aren't allowed to transfer jobs once in and also why there are very few re joiners being allowed back in. The ammount of new applicants coming through the door to places available plus the normal wastage of those who would of left not happening with veng and also the reccession means the ones who in the past who tried to hold the army to ransom with transfer me or I'm signing off are just told cya then (ask those who have tried signing back on after hitting the jpa button recently). In majority of cases at the moment mcm desk officers are turning down requests for transfers as they just don't need to do it remember if your fully trained they've spent a lot of money on you already to now have to spend more to train you to a different job and frankly where do they get the money from plus there's 1000's of people who have passed adsc waiting to get places anyway. Also with the introduction of the new job offer letter in future years it will be nearly impossible to transfer in years to come. Hopefully you won't take too much offence to my comments nothing against you just the harsh reality by the way why trying to transfer in the first place....just remember the grass isn't always greener on the other side and if it was the difference of civ div or artillary what would you choose.
8 months is far too long, It's quite likely that you paperwork hasn't even been sent as 3 months after your paperwork arrives in glasgow it is automatically pushed up the chain by MS occurrences if you haven't yet transferred. If you've got a decent troopy, ask him to find out for you as RCMO's are excellent at "losing" paperwork, particularly RCMO's from the artillery.
Whats the current manning for the old pinchpoint trades of armourer and VM? One of the lads in the regiment I am attached to would like to transfer to VM and I can't give him an answer on whether we're still crying out for tradesmen. He's civvie qualified up to Level 2 and he'd slot right in as a VM in my opinion.
Is it it going to be a matter of months before he's across or are the Corp not going to be too interested?

He's already started the ball rolling with the RCMO but isn't really getting the answers he wants. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Get any senior to ring glasgow for you.
Maybe your RCMO has just not got the balls to tell you that you did not get accepted into the REME.
I think the reply from REME MCM was "OMG not another PLANK wanting in :) "
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