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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by hullboy, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. After 10 yrs in RLC, (No stupid remarks please) I am well and truly thredders!!! I am now looking to transfer into RE, (It was my 1st choice back in 97, but a long waiting list made me decide otherwise) either as Heating & Plumbing or Building & Structural. Does anyone know if these trades are undermanned? And if so which one more so? The reason I ask is so that I can go into my CC on monday and say specifics.
    Cheers in advance.
  2. You obviously like to take your time making decisions. Bit slow for a sapper I expect :wink:
  3. go for either but if those are your choices i would go with plumbing.

    Good for the outside.

    Good luck
  4. i believe that most of our trades are under-manned. some more so than others, plumbing would be the better of the two you stated for civvy strasse BUT what about being a SPARKY ????
  5. Got the manning figures in my office, I'll have a look tomorrow. As far as I can remember tho, those two trades aren't too short. Neither is ME(Elec). The one trade they ARE desperate for is Resources Specialist, dunno wot you're doing in RLC, but have a think about it.
  6. special forces....................resources, i wonder why :?: :wink: :?: :wink:
  7. Res Spec might be the way for this guy but hey ho if he wants to make the leap of faith lets support him, would the Corps let hi come across to ME Elec?
  8. Like the other fella am looking into transfer in after about 10 years strangely enough. Looked at MS site and CEGs short, but i'll be honest is the training any good i.e. do for civvy job on leaving or are they just mil quals. You see i have read all different accounts of what quals you actually get. Dare i ask as well, do transfers get a look in at going MCWs seems like a good move in theory?
  9. Training is fine, however stay away from Brickie and Chippy as you will not get the NVQ's without carrying out work in unit, if you get the chance.
  10. Cheers, is that similar for other CEGs. You have to go to a unit which carries out that role/trade?
  11. Not unless you go Geo.
  12. So Geo work independant from major units or they get GNVQ regardless or direct from trg?
  13. Sorry mate. Geo have their own regiment (42).
  14. they get called GEEK straight from training.

    ican guarantee that.
  15. I have admit it was not one i was looking at. The surveyor and electrician looked like winners to me but i have been wrong before obviously!!