Transfer to RE From Infantry

Hi ,
Interested in transferring across from an Infantry Bn , Lcpl , recce , done 6 years , 32 in two months time. Still keen to soldier but it looks to me that most engineer units do better training packages than a lot of Infantry units plus they learn skills for after and I would like to leave the Army with more than a resettlement package.
For the blokes that are in ; how do transfers usually get on ? dont have much knowledge or experience on the tools myself .. Any trades you would reccommend and that are useful on civvy street ? (logistics specialist appealed to me but willing to do anything and take any advice on board) .. The unit recce troops , how do they balance being in that troop along with their trade , how does that work ?

Any info or advice much appreicated.,
Have a look here for a bit of info.

Trades - Sappers Network

I was not RE but, I know that as a civvy a well qualified logistics manager can do well as can a well qualified procurement specialist. If you follow those routes you should take the appropriate civvy qualifications to go with earn a damn sight more that way.

One tip for you: Make sure you focus on moving onwards and upwards rather than being one of the lads, get the courses in and do the job of the bloke who is above you by bothering him and asking him for the experience. You need to play catch up a bit for those 6 years in the inf., easily done if you commit yourself to it. I saw people come into my Corps from the inf. for what they considered an easier life. Some became career Cpl's because they did not work at it and kept giving it, " the infantry/cavalry we did it this way...". The one's who moved onwards and upwards worked at it, gently pushed for the necessary courses and hoovered up work and projects to build experience.

Back in the day the RAOC/RLC had more WO's than Privates in the clerical and techy trades, so if you worked at it, kept your nose clean and tugged your forelock appropriately you retired as a WO.