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Hey everyone I'm sure this has been asked already but I'm struggling to find some information out about the procedure of transferring to the RAVC I'm currently in the signals and I'm looking to transfer this year. I'm not getting much help from my unit so thought this would be a good place to start.

I know i need to to speak to my RCMO but is that all? and is it possible to do it when on tour?

Alright mate? Right, first off, i do know what Im talking about as i'm a transferee into the RAVC myself.

Transfering to another arm is a simple process. Go and see these people, in this order...

1. Your troop boss. Tell him or her that you want to transfer and explain the reasons why. Be prepared for lots of teeth sucking, promises of lots of exciting courses in the future, promotion. Before you go in, make sure all your facts are in order and stick to it. If your serious, nothing will persuade you otherwise.

2. Your OC. Repeat what you said to your TP Boss. Only this time, say it better and be prepared for lots more teeth sucking, promises of lots exciting courses.......

3. Now go and see your RCMO. Remember that its his job to advise you on your career. Chances are he'll be an ex signaller with 'maj/capt retired' on his door and as such will still expect you to call him sir and all that stuff so in order to make it easier for you, play up to him a bit, be nice, smile and be prepared for LOTS of teeth sucking...

Once youve done all this, which you will find frustrating, time consuming and down right difficult then your unit will HAVE to process your application for transfer. No application can be cancelled or stopped by your unit, its your right to transfer. Your unit will probably promise you the world in order to keep you but like i said, if you really want to transfer then all that spin wont stop you eh? Getting into the RAVC is not as easy as you think though. Its not exactly nails, but volunteers come in their droves so as a trade we're lucky enough to have the ability to be VERY selective. Just make sure you know your stuff if you get to the interview stage...

To answer your second question, no. You cannot transfer while on tour. A good idea would be to approach the unit and ask for a look see for a few days. Dog units are always popular on tour as loads of troops see us happy happy dog handlers strolling about with a nice dog. Lots of troops think 'awesome, i wanna do that' and we get asked about our trade all the time. A look at life type thing will give u a good insight into our role.

Any other questions, pm me if you like. Hope this was of help....
DogOrDie has a lot of great advice on there. I applied for a transfer too so just to add to what he wrote. This is what I needed to send to the unit I wanted to transfer to.

1. Application For Transfer (obviously)
2. Competency Profile
3. JPA Formal Disipline Record and Personal Profile Report (see your sqn clerk about these)
4. Copies of your driving licence and any school/ college/ whatever qualifications.

I wasn't going for RAVC but if you have all that you can't go to wrong. Also make sure you get copies of everything for yourself as well.

Hope this helps. Good luck mate.

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