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Hi, I am looking to transfer to RAMC as a CMT. My RCMO isnt excactly helpful WHEN he is here. Therefore was wondering if anyone on this site knows any contact details for the regt recruiting team? The only number I can find is for officer recruitment in Aldershot, who would not entertain me as I was not wanting to be an officer. Any contact information/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Ahem. We are a corps, not a regiment! :D Although we are made up of regiments, in name.


Are you reg or TA?

Where are you based?

I'm sure I can find out some details for you with a bit more info.

Dont do it!!!!!

Done 24 years plus with RAMC.......

All you will get.....all officers will shoot of for "tea and toast" at 10am. each day Monday till Friday......

And in the Officers Mess..."they winge and moan about the good old days"

But all they are doing is marking time...... and dreaming of history and past VC's......

Of course they do a midnight run a "CFT/BFT"...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Why don't you go to the Army Transfer Fair thing at Herford on 09 Oct 07. You should be able to speak directly to someone there.
onThat would be a great idea, however I am at present acting admin sgt in a messed up troop re-roling to another role, to that end i dont get home for lunch never mind get to a fair. That is too simple a thing for my regt to digest. Will ask though, but not holding my breath.

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