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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by SigDev_Duck, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi All

    I recently had a discussion with a former colleague of mine in the TA folliwing his move to the RAuxAF last year. The process involved release from the TA and subsequent recruitment into the RAuxAF, as there is no provision in the guidance for transfer.

    One question which came out of this discussion was whether or not the same process applies to a regular soldier joining the RAF, i.e. does he have to leave the Army and then join the RAF, or can he transfer across in some manner?
  2. No, straight transfer in, if you Commision you are discharged one day and taken on as an officer the next.
  3. a friend of mine has just transfered to the raf but they would only give him an 18 year contract he has already done 12 army years so it would have only been another 6 years service which would have a significant impact on his pension .but that might just be his trade driver rlc !!!
  4. Although, according to ArmyNet, you are discharged from the Army, before being accepted by the RAF. Just red tape i suspect.
  5. Hi Dingerr - have you a link to the ref on ArmyNet?

  6. Look out for the internal transfer fairs that pop up, (I attended JHQ), the RAF are there to speak to. Or why not just phone them at the careers office in uk??
  7. The words INTERNAL TRANSFER speak volumes.
  8. I remember a VM when I was at Marchwood transferring to the RM. he was discharged from the Army 1 day and the next day he joined the RM.

    It is a transfer as such, but you still have to be discharged and rejoin.

    Bear in mind you will have to start sleeping in your uniform if you join the RAF - scruffy twats :D
  9. Thanks for your suggestions.

  10. ah yes and all the army were immacullately turned out in my time :omg: :omg: