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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Screw_The_Nut, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. From Army to RAF, best job to transfer into, get a static posting, carry on your pension, dodge the redundancy and not work too hard... Any ideas?
  2. You need to find out which trades in the RAF are screaming for blokes, and what trade is closest to your current trade.

    The RAF are losing blokes hand over fist too, so although up to a year or so ago transfers between the services were possible, they are becoming less so.

    I know a bloke who moved from REME (LYNX Airframe tech) to the Navy (LYNX Airfrma Tech) about 24 months ago, but a bloke who tried it less than 12 didn't get it.
  3. You will have to take the aptitude test. The score you attain there dictates what trades are open to you, there is then the problem of vacancies, or lack of. Static postings? Nothing springs readily to mind.
  4. Aptitude test? Pah! What is this, recruit selection?
  5. from personal experience, dont be put off when your unit refuse to help you. they'll try their best to put you off.

    and DO NOT go to the RAF careers office, i visited one when on leave for advice and the fat **** was too interested in eating his sandwich !!!!

    just do not give up and stick it through
  6. Aptitude test? Pah! What is this, recruit selection?

    Nope, it will determine your abilty to successfully undertake "trade" training.
  7. From the press phots it looks like they could do with a few more PTIs, how is that trade going?
  8. Rumour control says "about to be contractorised".
  9. RAF aptitude test is having the brains to walk past the Army Careers Office!!!!
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  10. A Wah, surely?
  11. No, a mate mentioned it on the weekend, and it got me thinking.
  12. RAF PTIs are a trade in their own right, unlike the Army system of taking on blokes already in via the AAPTI course.

    You usually have to be pretty good at sports and running and stuff before you even join th RAF.

    Unless there is a very close trade to move across to (e the Lynx air tech Army to RN bloke) you will have to do trade training again... so yes, it will be like the recruiting office again...

    If you are just looking to move somewhere, look in to Army slots you could take up and RN and RM.

    There are always volunteer slots such as AD, Spec OP and the like if htey float your boat within the Army.
  13. Have you looked at going RI, rather than the whole service change?
  14. Try Aerial Erector.

    Pinch point trade so getting in shouldn't be an issue as long as you have a head for heights!

    Good all round trade skillset for life outside too.

    Happy to give more info if required.

  15. RI - as in the rehab PTI thingy?