Transfer to RA as an Artillery Observer

Hello all, just trying to do a little homework before I go and see my CoC, I am currently serving in the REME and my "Career" seems to be going no-where! I am seriously giving thought to transferring to the RA as an Artillery Observer. I am currently a LCPL and have served for around 9/10 years.

My biggest concerns are as follows:-

- Will I be likely to receive a pay cut if I transfer

- Being a LCPL will I lose this rank and revert back to bottom of ladder, or would I get this rank back after completing any necessary courses?

- What Artillery type of training would I HAVE to go through, would I have to do the Artillery Phase 2 training?

- What is the promotion and pay like as an artillery observer?

- Is this a worthwhile job as I have heard a little about it and it sounds quite a decent job.

Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated, like I said I just want a little background information before I go to my CoC.

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