Transfer to R Sigs and civvy quals.

I'm giving serious consideration to transferring cap badge.

My first choice at the moment is the AGC (SPS), based purely on the amount of civvy qualifications available through their Whole Life Development Strategy, with a BA (Hons) degree achievable for those willing to put in the required graft.

My RCMO has advised me today though to also consider the R Sigs, as I have been employed in a G6 role for the past 5 years. I am qualified to BSM and Adv Sig (Sys) BCIP 5.4 level, also All Arms Crypto Custodian. Are these quals actually relevant within the R Sigs? I realise that the R Sigs do a hell of a lot more than just Bowman, so I have a sneaking suspicion that my quals might be met with, "Yeah, cheers for that, jog on".

More importantly, with 10 years left (including VEng) to serve, are there trades in the R Sigs which would allow me to study for an in-service degree? As stated above, I could do this in the SPS. I have no burning desire to be a clerk (sorry, HR Administrator!) but I'd do it to feather my own nest in terms of getting a decent job once I'm out.
You mention VEng, am I correct in assuming you are REME? There are no significant recognisable army quals gainable in Sigs, they are all superceded by civ quals, stick with spanners and start the OU, maths, physics, mech eng, whatever innit
You mention VEng, am I correct in assuming you are REME? There are no significant recognisable army quals gainable in Sigs, they are all superceded by civ quals, stick with spanners and start the OU, maths, physics, mech eng, whatever innit
Nope, not REME! I'm not after any more Army quals BC, I only mentioned the ones I already have to ascertain whether they would hold any water in the R Sigs as a transferee, or if they'd be deemed irrelevant. The civvy quals are what I'm after, but I'm unsure what's available and to what level.
If you transferred as a Comm Sys Engr you could theoretically get to be a Foreman of Signals (FofS) and gain a BSc (Hons) but to be honest, if you are already at the 14 year point then you've missed the boat. Realistically, your skillset is probably closer to Comm Sys Op and potential Yeoman of Signals (YofS) but again you're probably too late. You're now at the point where Class 1 Cpls and Sgts have proven themselves on ops and are normally going through selection for YofS.

Have you thought of E2 employment as an All Arms App Spec?
Dont be put off by the comments. If you are putting in 22 years+ you will be pretty well set up for the afterlife. If you are in a management role when you get out you may be operating at a level 7 in management with the NVQ team. According to the govt sites it is comparible to a Degree level qual. look at the Directgov site and you will see the National Qualifications Framework (NFQ).I would say that you are probably operating at a Qualification and Credit Framework level 5 as a busy Bowman System Manager. This is the equivalent of HNCs and HNDs. The schemes are hugely undersubsribed and you may be able to get the quals for free.

Be careful of the transfer offers. You may be better off staying where you are and getting to RSWO level using the years you have done already to keep you on track.
The big thing to remember is that as soon as you get to SNCO you are pretty much behind a desk. The higher up you go the more management you will come face to face with. It does not matter where you are everyone is having the same ground rush. Make the most of your post now. When was the last time you used your Standard Learning Credits? Get them in every year. Get up the education centre and take the piss on courses. And when you have found your direction jump on the enhanced learning credits if you are eligible. Its going to be tough now with redundancey looming.
It all depends on what you are wanting to do in civvie street and I wouldnt put too much thought into qualifications you can gain from the army and I certainly wouldnt rely on them in civvie life, its all gonna depend on the last year you serve and how you use your re-settlement. Its a great leveller leaving the army and the job or rank you held doesnt pigeon hole you to what you do as a civvie. Its so hard to try and explain the possibilities but I take it the idea you have is that you were in comms in the signals and you are going into a comms role as a civvie ? Think about what kind of work you are after, for example if you wanted a managment role in IT/Telecoms then think about ITIL qualifications (£500 +), if you wanted to work in project management then look at PRINCE2 (£1000) or a more hands on role then look at Cisco courses (CCNA £500).

The greatest asset I found leaving the signals were the friends and contacts I made serving, there is a hell of a old boy kind of network in the Telecoms industry of ex-signals, cant think of a company ive worked for that hasnt had a few guys who have served. Id say go for the degree while you are in but the common trend I normally come across is that a degree is a degree at the end of the day, just another tick in the box and probably wont influence your post army career.

take a look at this to get an idea of how you want to feather your nest when you leave telecoms Search

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