Transfer to qaranc from infantry

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by this,thatandtheother, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. hi please can i have some facts about transferring to the nursing corps as either a mental or general nurse.

    1 are there any vacancies?
    2 what qualifications are needed and are there substitute quals ie access courses that can be done in place of GCSE's and what army educational quals are recognised if any.
    3 is the QARANC interested in people from other parts of the army?
    4 is there a difference in selection for mental nursing and general nursing?
    5 what would be the upper age limit for transfer.
    6 can you please give me the number and name of the RCMO or similar

    thank you
  2. for that youd need to tell us what unit you are and we could possibly ask directory enquiries to give us the number, easier than that, go to your unit admin corridor or training wing, he/she is usually situated in there somewhere. As for his name, it depends on the unit as the RCMOs name is different in every unit.

    Why dont you ring the QARANC recruiting team and ask them! 01276 412741
  3. The QA's are no longer taking transfers in to do Nurse Training. In fact after April this year, there will no longer be any intakes of student nurses..... if you aint starting in April, you aint starting at all - sorry :(
  4. cheers mate thank you
  5. I'm afraid the above is not entirely true. I spoke to the SO3 Recruiting 2 days ago, and she said they were in fact desperate for VTs.