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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Frank, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. This is for two Freinds.

    Whats the form on a SSgt CMT, or say a Pharm Tech SSgt wanting to transfer to QARANC to complete Nurse training?

    1. What qualifications would they need (One is one of the 25 SR Paramedics but only two GCSE grade C's)?

    2. Would they drop rank? i expect yes.

    3. If yes to above would their pay drop?

    Lets face it, its going to be another 12 years or so before they get their act together with this SR Para thing and that chap in question doesnt want to loose his registration!

    Thanks to all replies in advance
  2. there are a couple of ex-ssgts training now so it does happen, they're now full screws. i would expect they took a pay cut to highest band full screw, as the sgt on my course did.

    anyone without the appropriate quals simply do an access course before starting at UCE.
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  4. Karabiner I wish you all the success with pushing things through on the CMT front as it is long overdue I hope your replacement carries on the work,

    As an ex-CMT it was one of the reasons I left. Faced with the prospect of fighting against young qualified experienced thrusters at the age of 40 and newly retrained, I made the decision to go after 13 years and give myself a fair shot, thankfully it paid off. However had I had a decent recognised qualification to leave to I would have been more inclined to see out the 22 years.

    Retention is something the AMS and in particular the CMT trade has suffered from over the recent years and a structured career path with recognised quals would go a long way to helping that.

    One question I would have is, after investing in these Ambulance Techs what would the recert schedule be for a soldier once he/she reachs SSgt and has very little contact with casualties, would this be tied down and those doing this course be given a directed career path to become medical trainers located in the training wing etc?

    A lot of investment will be put into a soldier who has been selected because of his/her skills, this soldier is likely to gain promotion quickly then the skills learnt will fade as he/she shuffles paper around as a troop staffie or SSM.

    Granted if he/she is keen and keeps themself up to speed fair enough but that will not always be the case, and if the powers that be see little return on the investment then the plug will be pulled.

    More direction needs to be made for all CMT's to be more clinical, instead of the emphasis being on military training (as its relatively easy to organise) it should be on BARTS/BATLS and the like with more instructor courses being held for training wing personnel. Military Training has its place of course but with the quick turn around between tours and the associated training that goes with OP tours and Div/Brigade exercises, is there really a need to load the wagons up and head of to the local training area for unorganised pathetic exercises that do nothing but drain morale?

    I apologise for going off on a tangent, but as SNCO CMT's seem to be looking at transferring to the Grey Mafia so they can have a career on leaving, I think retention issues are points worth raising,
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I echo Stan's support for Mr K and hope the huge wrinkles in the CMT CEG can be ironed out.
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  7. Frank you loser! I bet it's you who wants to transfer isn't it? Come on mate, how many of us in the medical profession have heard the 'err, my mate's got this rash' sketch. Right that's it, wait till I tell the blokes. True or not, we'll have you elbow deep in bedpans by the end of the month! :lol:

    (by the way, will you be making an appearance at the course in May? If so, make sure you bring your 'Mess Dress Tropical', I've heard they'll be short of Mess-hands!)
  8. Seems as though things might be looking up for the old CMT, granted a bit late for me and others but whats done is done, good see someone with a bit of spine and a grasp on reality in a job where they can make a difference.

    The CMT is integral to the AMS as they do the tasks others don't as well as clinical tasks, looking after that cadre and retaining and filling the shortfall will mean the other trades can function correctly and therefore aid retention in the other CEG's within the AMS, a win win situation that a few have been preaching for a while but to no avail until now.

    Mr K thank you for your post answering my questions, I for one hope all the changes come to pass and the good old CMT can prosper in the future.
  9. Ah, invictus,
    Seems you have sunk my battleship! The thread was a result of some brew room chat between my Pharm tech and i. Got to make sure that were not missing out mate. Anyhow, you splitter, you try telling me that it's worth sticking around!!!

    Unfortunately i wont be back for the course (once your gone, your gone etc. etc.). So you wont see me selling 99's with a flake in me mess kit!

    Ching, Ching
  10. Good Point. This callsign's punching out at the first opportunity.
    Had a chat with Col W from MCM Div, I told her what my job was and showed her my quals and ops experience. I also told her that there were others in the same boat with the same quals, looking for career progression after their 12 year point. I asked her what she could offer us over the next 10 years which would develop our skills and make use of our substantial operational experience, so that we could be put to good use within the Corps. I also showed her what is available on the outside for us as a means of comparison (which, surprisingly, is quite a lot).

    Her advice? SIGN OFF! :lol: (Although I really do appreciate her honesty.)

    I kind of expected that anyway, I was just making sure that I had considered all options before leaving. Shame, I really would like to stay but it's just not a viable option anymore.

    Anyway, regards to the wife and kids mate, keep in touch.
  11. Will do matey.

    Need to chat to you. Go into the obvious and Email me via the APHCS means please buddy.
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  13. What ever your "friend" does, for pitys sake dont let him transfer.
    My "friend" did and suffered the biggest seeing off since.
    King Priam of Troy looked at a large wooden horse and said
    "Oooh that would like nice in my garden"

    Its utter utter utter utter utter Bolloks !
  14. Don't mix your words matey :wink: