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Transfer to ODP.

Do you necessary have to be at 16CS MRto do P COY? My boss refused to put me on it. Stating that i had to be posted to 16CS MR in order for me to do the course.


Valley said:
Do you necessary have to be at 16CS MRto do P COY? My boss refused to put me on it. Stating that i had to be posted to 16CS MR in order for me to do the course.
In the good old days!!!- you just volunteered and did P Coy. (You would end up at 16CSMR at the end of it, to suppliment the 4 paras that are there!)

Bollokcs...anyone can do P Coy from any unit, it's an AA course so anyone can apply. Having said that, just be sure you like Colchester before making a serious attempt, once you pass you'll be spending at least 75% of your remaining 22 there!
Entry Criteria for Dip HE in Operating Department Practice:
2 subjects at A level supported by passes (grade C or above) in three other subjects at GCSE (or equivalent i.e GCE grade C or above, CSE grade 1).
There are also various other equivalents such as Scottish Highers, advanced suplementary passes, vocational alternatives (BTEC, SCOTVEC, GNVQ at advance level, appropriate range of NVQs at levels 3 and 4) etc..

For the foundation course you need a mimimum of 3 GCSEs (1 at English, 1 at Maths and a Science) or a recognised equivalent (i.e Cert in Emergency and Primary Health Care; accepted by the UCE as equivalent to 5 GCSEs at grades A-C)

Fail to meet minimum entry requirements for the foundation programme?

Produce a personal Development Portfolio (PDP) to demonstrate ability to learn within educational and/or vocational context, include evidence of previous study and educational attainment, relevant work experience, references, reports and reasons for wanting to join the course.

Entrants may be admitted on the basis of un-certificated learning and experience in relation to the demands of a particular programme.

PDP needs to be forwarded to Course Directors for consideration.

Want to be an ODP? then get your finger out, there is no waiting list for Army ODP courses, you either pass the selection interview and start the next course or you are unsuccessfull and dont. due to the high number of candidates on the interview day and possible low number of places, a soldier may be assessed as being acceptable for training but will have no vacancy, you will not be put onto the following course but will be asked to return for the next board.

Need more info? either PM me or phone the head of ODP training (PM me for the number)
Hope that helps, now I need a lie down.
If your so thick that you stand no chance of being promoted in the RAMC, and lets face it all you have to do is keep breathing, then go and do ODP and P Coy, as at 16CSMR the gene pool is much smaller. So long as you have the badge on your arm you will, probably, one day Command it. This has worked for so many thick bullies its almost foolproof. It worked for me :lol:
Be very careful ODP is like the Mafia, becoming family run. Don't F**k around with these guys or you'll end up with a frogs head in your doss bag.

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