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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Chummers_Warn, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Ok, so there is plenty of info about joining the Australian Army but bugger all about going over to NZ.

    I have just put my application in to join the NZ Army after my 22 is up.

    Anybody got any relevant info about what I can expect, packages, postings etc etc etc.

    Many thanks

  2. Mate they have a whole website dedicated to it but I have the email of the recruiter for British Forces into the NZ Army if you would like it.

    Jan Phillpott, PM me if you want it. I just got my medical date through and they are keen as mustard for Brits.
  3. This summer (ours not theirs!) the wife and I went over to NZ for our honeymoon. Whilst there we spent a long weekend with a mate of mine that joined the NZ Army about 2 1/2 years ago (he was an RLC SNCO with 15yrs service).

    It took him around 18 months to go through all the different stages of application/immigration.

    Also its not a transfer between Army's, you have to get discharged from the British Army before being taken on over there.

    Gotta say from what he has shown me and what we talk about via Email he has made the right choice. I think that is mainly for his family, our country seems to be degenerating into a selfish society where the needs of the individual are king. After being there I think I'd rather bring my kids up there too!!!

    I will give him the nod about this and he may log on and give some info.

    As the other chap says there is a lot on the NZ Army website about us Johnny Foriegners joining.
  4. Well, had my interview last week so fingers and every other appendage crossed!!
  5. CW having joined the NZDF and still serving with them PM me if you want up to date info


  6. or why don't you post your experiences on here for all to see, it may help a lot of undecideds go for it.
  7. Got here last year. Feel free to PM me if you want to.
  8. Well, I have been offered a job in the NZ Army as a Sgt :D

    Two days after being picked up on a sweeper for WO1!!!!

    Things always happen at the same time with me dont they!!!!

    What to do, what to do :?

    Advice, comments or cash would be appreciated!!!!
  9. i got knocked back!! CS Op, Sgt in R.Sigs with loads of mil quals, very politley they told me no!!

    They said a massive recruiting drive in NZ recently has made them drop the numbers they were after from overseas and that i should feel free to apply in the future.

    So dont think they are taking any body in, you need to have exactly what they want, best of luck to anyone that tries it though
  10. Sorry to hear that.

    You might find the policy will change again in a couple of months. You could always look again then.
  11. Hi mate,
    Im new on here and don't know how to pm, but I am keen on transferring to NZ with the wife and kids.
    i am in the royal artillery and am a SNCO working as a MT Sgt but soon to be RFM. How do I get in touch with the recruiting people for NZ to see if they are looking for my trade.
    cheers for your help