Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AFG3511K, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone got a good knowledge of the JPA trials - this question might have been asked before hopefully?

    My unit is deployed so we are currently receiving LOA and LSSA. Due to the EOT being around the transfer date, the unit has made a wise descision to stop LOA and LSSA earlier than the end of tour. This will ensure the younger members of the unit are not over paid, then left penny-less when it is all claimed back. The unit will then do a manual transmission to backdate for the exact period owed.

    My question is: Can the backdating of an allowance be handled by the JPA software as the money will be owed from before the start date?

    My fear is that we will not get the money for months and months.

    Many thanks for any responses.
  2. I can understand your Units mentality on this one mate, and although I am not a JPA guru this may be the safest stance to adopt, however you may have to ask your FSA one very important question:

    What does he plan to do for those blokes who may be entitled to the LSSA AT bonus after they have had their LSSA stopped in advance? For example one of your lads is due the AT bonus on 15 March, and he should still be in receipt of LSSA on that date but your pay bloke has stopped LSSA in advance, say 1 Mar, will he ensure that the blokes LSSA card is still maintained correctly, bearing in mind that the LSSA AT bonuses stop on JPA go live.

    All the best
  3. Ahh, LSSA, in the JPA era this changes to LSA, 14 incremental levels as opposed to 3, depending on how much accumulated LSSA days that you have upon transfer dictates which level you go in at (300 days = up a level, no more first 100 days before allowance starts though), buy buy LSSA AT and AT +. No more UNIMONG TSR's after 02 March 07 until go live 26 March 07, all occourences to be published on a JPA Spreadsheet in between these dates :frustrated:
  4. Being Navy and JPA'd up, I can assure that it will be a nightmare and unfortunately, your clerks won't be able to do anything about it! Please be patient!
  5. Had the pleasure and joy of being JPA whilst deployed. Complete feed of arse. Be prepared to go short for a month or two while the clerks try to sort it.
  6. If you qualified for LSSA before army rollout day (to JPA) then you will get it. There is a transistional team working on these kind of matters.
  7. Well I am sat here surprised and thankfull. I must admit that the pay staff have come up trumps.

    Back dated LSSA was paid on my first JPA statement and also at the same time a second suplimentary was raised and paid for the LOA.

    I am one of the first to shout when they get it wrong so hands up this time and thanks for getting it right. Only hope all the rest of the troops had a smooth transistion. They even got the extra 100 days added on right.